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Canon Announces New REALiS 4K501ST 4K LCOS Projector

Canon announces the REALiS 4K501ST, a very bright (5000 color, white lumens), true 4K projector with an MSRP of $58,990. It improves upon the light engine design of Canon's existing 4K500ST projector, which it looks to replace.

The Canon REALiS 4K501ST

The REALiS 4K501ST offers full support for true 4K (not just home theater 4K - 3840 wide x 2160) but out to 4096 x 2400 resolution. It has an almost $60K price tag which will give many AV/IT folks pause.

Canon REALiS 4K501ST rear input panel

Canon REALiS 4K501ST rear input panel

It does have lots of inputs, but it does not have a built in media player. It uses LCoS technology for a bright, detailed picture, and it is equipped with a variety of image adjustment settings (including built-in edge blending, motorized lens shift, 360-degree vertical installation, and keystone correction) that'll ensure it can handle a number of presentation applications. One more huge perk? It only weights 39.6 lbs., making it one of the most compact and lightweight high brightness 4K projectors on the market (normally, it takes a bit more real estate to pack in that much punch).  This Canon supports DICOM SIM for reproducing medical images for teaching.

The 4K501ST is especially compact - a trait of Canon projectors, which gives it a real advantage in some installations.  There are six lens options.

Canon says that, by October, the REALiS 4K501ST should be available through authorized Canon dealers. It'll come with a 3-year advanced warranty with exchange service and loaner program, so that you're virtually never without.


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Comparing the 4K501ST to the Competiton

Also of note, the $60K price tag is about right for true 4K, as Sony has a 5000 lumen 4K projector - the VPL-VW5000ES (click here for a blog about it) - at $60K as well.  However, that one is often considered on the “home side,” but it is fully capable for both business and state-of-the-art home theater.  Sony also has two other 4K projectors - the GT270 and G280, with apparently similar price ranges, one geared for video the other for specialty applications.

That about covers it for true 4K projectors, with 5000 lumens or more, at least without spending over six figures.

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Review of the REALiS 4K501ST Planned

We are very interested in seeing the Canon REALiS 4K501ST in action, and are planning to review it here once it becomes available to us this fall. Stay tuned for more information.

If a true 4K commercial projector is what you need, there aren't a whole lot of choices, but this Canon is one that should deliver the sharp image, and as one would expect from Canon, some great color and greyscale imagery.

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