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LG Professional Launches Two Smart Laser Business Projectors for 2020

LG Professional Solutions has introduced two new business focused smart 4K DLP Projectors. These projectors both utilize powerful laser light sources which are rated for up 20,000 hours of near maintenance free operation. If you used these projectors for 8 hours a day, their laser light sources would last for 7 years. This reduces long-term costs by eliminating expensive bulb replacement as well as prevents any interruption in operation.

Due to their 4K resolution, they can deliver the highly detailed images often required in corporate and healthcare environments. In addition, both projectors support 4K@60P HDR content for those who want to watch high quality video..

An advanced 12-point keystone adjustment is also available on both models to help align the projected image to the screen regardless of placement angle or if the surface is uneven.

The projectors have dual 5-watt speakers and both units are Bluetooth equipped to send audio wirelessly to a separate stereo system. You can even connect a Keyboard/Mouse/GamePad to either projector’s USB ports.

LG ProBeam BU50NST

The LG ProBeam BU50NST is a compact 5,000 lumen laser projector designed for corporate and education applications. With 5,000 lumens of output it is bright enough to be utilized even in brightly lit corporate, hospital, and education environments.

It offers 1.6x lens zoom along with horizontal and vertical lens shift which, combined with the 12-point warping function. reduces image distortion and allows precise alignment with the screen.

The BU50NST even includes a DICOM picture mode which is designed to present medical images – such as X-rays, CAT-scans, and MRI’s with enough contrast, detail, and quality for use in medical schools, at medical conferences, and for education purposes, etc.

The BU50NST has two HDMI 2.0b (HDCP2.2) inputs as well as a two USB inputs. In addition, BU50NST also has HDBaseT™ compatibility which allows a single low cost CAT6 cable to carry 4K signals long-distances to the BU50NST.

The ProBeam BU50NST is powered by LG’s WebOS with smart features designed for business and education purposes like (Miracast®) wireless screen mirroring, Wi-Fi, and a web browser.

LG CineBeam HU85LS

LG CineBeam HU85LS is an ultra-short-throw laser projector that can project a 120-inch image when the chassis is positioned just 7.2 inches from the wall or a 90-inch image when placed just 2 inches away. Its short throw capability makes it an ideal solution for retail, hospitality, small boardrooms, and classroom environments.

The HU85LS has a rated brightness of 2,700 lumens and its 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio should produce deep blacks and smooth gradients. While conventional projectors use one light source to generate all three colors, with one light source, the HU85LS, like many of LG's consumer CineBeam counterparts, uses multi-channel RGB laser technology to generate more vivid colors. Since the HU85LS has a multi-channel illumination system, it does not utilize a traditional spinning phosphor wheel which reduces visible “rainbowing” that is an issue with many DLP projectors.

The HU85LS is packed with many of the smart features found in LG consumer projectors. It is equipped with a version of ThinQ AI webOS that is utilized in all LG consumer projectors including the HU85LA 4K Short Throw projector which Art reviewed several months ago. ThinQ AI webOS was originally developed for LG’s lineup of flat panel smart TVs. It is a Smart business projector made by a Smart TV manufacturer. LG is way ahead of most manufacturers when it comes to building Smart projectors because LG simply has incorporated everything they have learned over the years building Smart TV elements into their CineBeam projector lineup.

The LG CineBeam HU85LS also comes with a Magic Remote that has an integrated microphone. You can use voice control to operate the projector as well as control a wide variety of compatible Smart devices via Google Assistant.

The LG ProBeam BU50NST and CineBeam HU85LS projectors are available now. A 5,000-lumen WUXGA model is planned for later in the year.

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