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More From Infocomm 2015 - Sony Projectors

Sony shows a number of new projectors including more WUXGA laser based projectors and lamp based ones, plus 4K laser projectors. We're talking some impressive new gear.  I'm looking forward to bringing a couple of them in for review. Let's start with the one that we'll probably review first.  The two new WUXGA laser projectors are the VPL-FHZ65  and VPL-FHZ60.  These two in the same family as the 4000 lumen FHZ55 we reviewed last year (and which picked up a Best In Classroom award for a laser projector suitable for higher education).

Front view of Sony VPL-FHZ65 6000 lumen laser projector

These two are brighter, claiming 6000 lumens and 5000 lumens respectively, plenty of networking capabilities, optional lenses, power lens shift, and plenty of additional features.  Prices are not set yet, but the VPL-FHZ65 is scheduled to ship in August, the FHZ60 in September. At what will be lower price points will be lamp based equivalent projectors, the VPL-FH65 and VPL-FH60, again, 6000 and 5000 lumens.  They will ship in the fall. Before I talk about the 4K projectors, I should mention that Sony also rolled out three smaller "compact" projectors, the VPL-EW348, VPL-EW345 and VPL-EX345 projectors using a new generation of 3LCD panels.  These roughly 9 pound projectors serve up 4200 lumens each.  Two are WXGA while the EX345 is XGA.  The EW348, the only one that won't be available until January, is similar to the EW345, but also offers HDBaseT for delivering hi-def over long cable lengths using inexpensive CAT5e/CAT6 cabling.  Sony claims up to 10,000 hours on the lamps, although that combines using now popular lamp saving techniques that save lamp life when the projector is on, but no new source material is being projected. Now for the real fun - 4K. Sony announced and showed two new 4K projectors - both laser based. Both are supposed to get 20,000 hours out of their laser engines at full power, and up to 40,000 in a low power mode.  Both use Sony's SXRD panels (LCoS).  These two are very similar, but one, the VPL-GTZ270 is designed for "entertainment venues, such as museums, theme parks, even planetariums.  Figure there will be retail and digital signage uses as well.  The VPL-GT280, by comparison is geared for simulations.  Both produced awesome looking demonstrations at the show, as these images suggest. The VPL-GTZ270 offers Sony's Reality Creation for detail enhancement.

VPL-GTZ270 mounted and projecting vertically at Infocomm, simulation on right by ultra short throw VPL-GTZ1

  The VPL-GT280, by comparison offers high speed 4K processing for what should be superb 4K 3D capabilities!  The GT280 looked killer doing a simulation of a jet fighter flying over land - if only you could get an idea of how real it looked in 4K, not the far lower resolution of these images and your display.  Wow!  BTW all these images (other than the professional product shots) have been taken with my iPhone 6!

Simulation image using previously announced, 2000 lumen VPL-GTZ1, doing the type of application the VPL-GTZ280 is designed for

Mind you the image above was projected with the previously announced VPL-GTZ1 - an ultra short throw 4K laser projector, but this is the type of work the GT280 is geared for - and in 3D as well.

VPL-GTZ1 2000 lumen ultra-short throw 4K laser projector

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