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Optoma Announces New ProScene WU615T and EH615T Projectors for Commercial Applications

Optoma is a major player in the projector industry, known well for their great gaming projectors. But home theater is only a small slice of the pie, with projectors for business, education, and houses of worship making up the vast majority of units on the market. Optoma has just announced their latest contribution to the commercial projector world, the Optoma ProScene WU615T and ProScene EH615T. The two DLP projectors are designed for ease of installation and flexibility, as well as professional-grade performance and image quality. Let’s take a look at these new additions from Optoma.

Meet the Projectors

The Optoma ProScene WU615T and ProScene EH615T are two high performance projectors geared toward commercial applications, such as corporate environments and houses of worship. Their biggest selling point is their high lumen count and affordability – Optoma claims them to be the “brightest, most affordable WUXGA and 1080p fixed lens projectors available in the market.” They are certainly both bright and affordable (though we tend to be skeptical of words like “most” and “best” when coming from manufacturers), with the WU615T delivering a whopping 6,500 lumens at 1920 x 1200 WUXGA resolution, and the ProScene EH615T offering just 300 less (6,200 lumens) at full 1920 x 1080 HD, both priced under $3,000.

I reviewed a high-end business/education projector from NEC that had the same lumen claim as the Optoma ProScene WU615T, and that one goes for about $4,000 more (approximately only $2,500 more when looking at street price). Granted, that NEC PA653UL is a 1080p pixel shifter (can handle 4K content, while these two projectors cannot) loaded with so many features that many corporations or houses of worship will never use (like projection mapping and edge blending), so its mention here is mainly to give an idea on where these Optoma projectors fall in terms of price. That said, you can get the Optoma ProScene WU615T for $2,999, and the ProScene EH615T for $2,799. They can be found through authorized dealers such as Projector People, Full Compass, and Projector Superstore.

Optoma Announces New ProScene WU615T and EH615T Projectors for Commercial Applications - 1.8:1 Zoom Lens
The Optoma ProScene WU615T and EH615T projectors have a 1.8:1 manual zoom lens for greater placement flexibility.

While these two projectors aren’t as loaded as the NEC I just mentioned, they are still packed with desirable features. The HD resolution will be plenty sharp for corporate and house of worship applications, with a high focus on placement flexibility. Optoma knows that the architecture of these types of rooms sometimes does not lend itself well to mounting a projector for optimum performance. That is why they’ve included features like horizontal and vertical lens shift, keystone correction, four-corner geometric correction, a 360-degree and portrait modes, and a hefty 1.8:1 zoom ratio. The projectors come equipped with plenty of connectivity options, including two HDMI ports (plus MHL for streaming) and HDBaseT for running signals over long distances, giving the projectors excellent placement flexibility in relation to their source input’s placement. The projectors also come with two 10-watt speakers (stereo), which will be loud enough for most applications, though larger houses of worship may wish to hook up external speakers so that sound will reach all corners of the room.


  • HD Resolution (WU615T – WUXGA Resolution, EH615T – 1080p Resolution)
  • Affordable (WU615T - $2,999, EH615T - $2,799)
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift
  • 1.8:1 Manual Zoom Lens
  • Geometric and Keystone Correction
  • 360-degree and Portrait Modes
  • ECO Mode
  • HDBaseT
  • HDMI w/MHL
  • 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1.2 – 2.16:1 Throw Ratio
  • Two 10-Watt Speakers

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