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Home Theater and Business Projector Best Sellers per PMA - Feb/May 2016

PMA publishes bi-monthly, a list of the best selling projectors in the Home Entertainment, Mainstream and 4,000-plus lumen categories. A little background on the PMA reports: Several times a year Pacific Media Associates releases a list of the top five projectors in varying categories. They’ve been doing this since the 1990s, and the releases continue to provide our industry with valuable information. We combine their data to produce our summaries and comments for your information.  The following is data for this year so far.  We start with back in February.  Usually PMA does two months in a row of projectors, but Feb was a stand alone, so we waited until May for their next projector summary.

Just so you know, a one/two month snapshot doesn’t always give you a complete feel of the projector market as a whole. Some models always show up on PMA’s lists; others change from month to month. PMA also selects different projector categories to analyze in alternate months. For this reason we like to combine two months of reports to give you a more complete look.

Let’s go!

February Top Projectors By Sales And Category

The leaders in the 4,000+ Lumen Projectors were mostly business units.

Best Selling 4,000+ Lumen Projectors 2/16
Projector Comments
 #1  Epson PowerLite 4770W  16:10 resolution, 5000 lumens, lens shift
#2 Hitachi CP-X5022WN XGA, 5000 lumens, 3LCD, $2449 MSRP
 #3 Epson PowerLite 1940W  WXGA, 1.60:1 zoom, $1299 MSRP
 #4 Optoma EH515  Full HD 3D, $3899 MSRP
 #5  Hitachi CP-WX4022WN  WXGA, 4000 lumens, 1.70:1 zoom


NEC NP-332X has consistently ranked in this group.


Best Selling Mainstream Projectors 2/16
Projector Comment
 #1  InFocus IN114X  320o lumens, XGA, $329
 #2  Epson PowerLite 97H Hot Product Award Winner, link to our review
#3 NEC NP-V332X  XGA resolution, PC 3D ready
 #4 InFocus IN124A  PC 3D ready, DLP, 15,000:1
 #5 Epson PowerLite X27  $449, 3LCD, 2700 lumens


The beginning of the best-selling Pico and Personal  (Pocket) Projectors list may look a little familiar.  AAXA’s 25-lumen LED Pico and 300-lumen P300 were again on the list. Asus’ S1, with its multi-use battery remains popular with pico users. New to the list is AAXA again with the P4-X and for the first time, Optoma's ML750

Best Selling Pico Projectors 2/16
Projector Comment
 #1  AAXA LED PICO 25 lumen LED light source, (960x540), 80-minute battery
 #2  AAXA P-300 300 lumens, WXGA, tripod included
 #3  Asus S1 WVGA, 200 lumens, 30,000 LED light source
 #4  AAXA P4-X 95 lumens, $260 street price, 15,000 hour LED light source, 854 x 480 resolution
 #5  Optoma ML750 Linked to our review of the ML750 from the millennial  perspective


Now let’s look at May’s best sellers.

May Top Projectors By Sales And Category


Best Selling 4,000 + Lumen Projectors 5/16
Projector Comment
 #1  Hitachi CP-X5022WN XGA, 5000 lumens, 3LCD, $2449 MSRP
 #2  Epson PowerLite 1980WU Auditorium/Conference room ready, WUXGA resolution
 #3  Sony VPL-FHZ60/W  20,000 hour laser light source, optional lenses, powered zoom
 #4  Epson PowerLite Pro G6470WU MSRP $3999, 16:10,  large venue
 #5 Hitachi CP-WX4041WN Portable, 3LCD, 4000 lumens



Best Selling Mainstream Projectors  5/16
Projector Comment
 #1 Epson PowerLite 97H  Hot product Award Winner, Link to our review
 #2 Epson BrightLink 595Wi Hot Product Award Winner, short throw lens, wall mount and interactive pens inc., link to our review
 #3 InFocus IN2124a $649 MSRP, XGA, PC 3D ready
 #4  Epson PowerLite 98H XGA (1024x768), 3000 lumens, 3LCD, great for BYOD classrooms
 #5  NEC NP-M323W PC 3D ready, 1.70:1 zoom lens, DLP



Best Selling Consumer Projectors 5/16
Projector Comment
 #1  Optoma HD141X Link to our review, Special Interest Award winner
 #2  Epson PL Home Cinema 5030UB Best in Class Award Winner, link to our full review!
 #3  Optoma HD26 Full HD 3D, value-pricing
 #4  Epson PL Home Cinema 2040 Hot Product Award, Entry Level Best In Class: Value Award, link to our full review
 #5  ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Low Cost Full HD 3D, $689 MSRP

Not a whole lot of surprises either month.  Although back in February, PMA reported the Sony FHZ60 as #3 in 4000 lumen plus projectors.  That, I believe, may be the first time a laser projector made their top 5 lists.

Epson and Optoma typically dominate the consumer side, with Optoma stronger in the sub-$1000 home entertainment projector market - (although the #4 ranked Epson HC2040 is also under $1000).  Epson's top seller, is a home Theater projector, the 5030UB, is $2000+ model, home theater projector.  Viewsonic is also not a stranger to the consumer list.

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