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Welcome to Our Newest Blog: About Business and Education Projectors - Here's what to expect

Projector industry trends, the tracking the hottest selling projectors, projector announcements, more

Greetings everyone.  This is our first entry into this new blog.  We will try to keep you apprized of what's going on in the wonderful world of projectors.  While we have had a separate blog for home theatre projectors, for quite some time now, launching this one has been long overdue.

This blog will give me a chance to talk about key areas of interest for those of you needing to choose the best projectors for your school - classroom or other applications - business, rental and staging applications, and government.

We will post short blogs from some of the more interesting new projector announcements.

We'll let you know which are the best selling projectors!   Thanks to the great folks at Pacific Media Associates - who have  long been tracking projector sales in the US (15+ years) - we'll be able to tell you which are the top five selling projectors, in each of three classes, on a monthly basis:

  • Top 5 best selling retail projectors
  • Top 5 best selling professional AV (commercial) projectors
  • Top 5 best selling projectors from the major industry distributors

If you are choosing for your school, or district, or corporation, or small business, you'll get a feel for which projectors are the most popular out of the several hundred you can choose from.

Look for a first blog report in the next couple of days - which will look at the top sellers in August and September to get you started.  We should have October numbers late November.


The latest new announcements

Just a couple of things here:  First I want to point out that next week Ron will be publishing his review of Panasonic's PT-RZ670 - Panasonic's new 6000 lumen plus laser engine projector, which they say is the brightest single chip DLP projector with a laser light source to hit the market.

Also, got a press release from Epson a couple of days ago from Epson.  They were announcing a new series of short throw (not ultra short throw) projectors targeting the education market.  These would be the new Powerlite 520, 525W, 530, 535W, and the interactive version of the 535W, which is the Powerlite 536Wi.   No doubt we'll be reviewing one of this series in the upcoming months.

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