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VANKYO Introduces 2 Projectors

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by Philip Boyle

Vankyo, one of the largest sellers of entry-level projectors at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, has added two models to its already affordable line of projectors with the Leisure 330W and Leisure 530W ($229) MSRP.

Over the past several years, Vankyo has been following a mission of, and I quote, "…exploring the innovative and quality life." When you look at the market segments that Vankyo dominates, it seems clear that they are geared toward offering affordable technology that still includes a useful set of features, especially for parents, first-time buyers, and mobile users. For example, a recent report by the NPD Group showed that, as of August 2021, Vankyo held 21.7% of the total market share, ranking in the first position in terms of sales units in the offline market. A key takeaway of this report is that Vankyo's share is in the "offline" or brick-and-mortar markets being sold by retailers such as Walmart, where getting dollar value is critical to the customer. 

Wireless Connection

In their press release announcing the two models, Vankyo notes that with the rapid development of various content performance forms such as short videos, projectors have begun to be widely used in many scenarios, including watching movies, playing games, and remote video games meetings, education, etc. 

As we at Projector Reviews have noted in previous Vankyo articles, including our first look at the Vankyo Leisure 3 and our comparison of two entry-level projectors the following year in BenQ TH585 vs. Vankyo V630, ultra-affordable brands such as Vankyo are great solutions for your child's room. They serve well as an entertainment or a gaming projector where content such as cartoons and video game animation is much less impacted by the entry-level performance of such aggressively priced projectors. 

Even professionals on the go and educators can find value in Vankyo projectors for slide presentations that don't require huge color gamuts. And, should the projectors get damaged, they can be affordably replaced, which is certainly of great value to their owners. Vankyo's assertion that projectors are very likely to become a preferred screen option rather than other media devices, such as TVs or tablets, is right on the money.

The first of the two announced projectors is the Vankyo Leisure 330W. Although there is not much information as of this article's writing, Vankyo describes the 330W as "Mini Yet Mighty." The 330W is categorized as a sleek and compact projector designed for many on-the-go use cases. Vankyo puts a lot of emphasis on the 330W's built-in Hi-Fi speaker (singular) that they claim is a "unique immersive audio experience." We'll have to wait for the product to ship or review future samples to determine how immersive a mono speaker can be.

Vankyo Leisure 530W

The second model announced by Vankyo is the Leisure 560W. Vankyo describes the 560W as a "Visual and Sound Revolution." The Vankyo 560W is a native 1080P projector that Vankyo claims will provide superior brightness. I can only guess that Vankyo is comparing it to other Vankyo models. In our article looking at the Vanyo 630W we measured 423 lumens, so not super bright but enough for many uses.

Vankyo Auto Keystone

The 530W is touted to project up to a three-hundred-inch image onto an ultra-large screen. The 530W offers auto keystone correction and Dolby sound effect (singular, according to the press release) and is designed to provide an outstanding audio experience.


In its press release, Vankyo claims to be the first brand to introduce micro-innovative functions, such as full high-definition, wireless screen, touchable screen, etc., in the LCD field.

1080P vs. 720P

Vankyos assertion that "replacing home TVs is becoming a hot trend in 2021-2022" is not unreasonable. Vankyo believes that, unlike televisions or tablets, a projector is easy to carry with a large smart screen, i.e., lots of value for your dollar. 

Moreover, Vankyo says projectors are the best option for eye health. A projector produces indirect blue light and has no flicker or diffuse reflection, which is much gentler on the eyes. Vankyo also talks about its strong support for environmental protection. The brand launched Vankyo's Green Environmental Project in 2021, in which all product packaging began using zero, non-biodegradable material.

If you wish to learn more about Vankyo, please feel free to visit Vankyo's website at to see information on their projectors. Check back with us at for more details on these and other upcoming projectors as soon as we get them. 

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