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ViewSonic myViewboard Ecosystem Exceeds 5 Million Users Globally

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by Philip Boyle

ViewSonic Corp., one of the industry's biggest innovators and a leading global provider of visual and education solutions, has announced that the myViewBoard ecosystem, which was designed to digitalize the education industry, has just exceeded 5 million users, with the platform being used in more than 5,000 institutions around the world.

First introduced by the company in 2018, myViewBoard is built to facilitate digital content creation, communications, and collaboration in classrooms. 

Bonny Cheng, Chief Operating Officer at ViewSonic:

"ViewSonic is incredibly proud to have achieved this great milestone, particularly with a product that is geared towards enhancing and expanding educational possibilities at a time when schooling has seen incredible disruption for so many," "myViewBoard is continuously evolving, with an ecosystem that's becoming ever more open, flexible, and accessible. We're excited to be helping drive educational technology forward with a comprehensive range of solutions."

Interactive, collaborative learning is a must-have to prepare students for career and college readiness. ViewSonic has created a solution to help teachers maximize the benefits of collaboration, and it can all be done starting with a simple classroom display upgrade.

The ViewSonic® ViewBoard® interactive flat-panel (IFP) displays offer teaching and learning benefits for any K-12 classroom or subject. With the ability for multiple students to interact with course content simultaneously, and the appeal, accessibility, and functionality of a giant tablet, ViewBoard brings the promise of added creativity, depth, collaboration, fun, and learning to classrooms.

Think of it as a giant tablet with touch functionality that helps boost attention, enthusiasm, and engagement, reducing discipline and classroom management struggles. Familiar touch screens make it easy to use for both students and instructors.

ViewSonic's myViewboard platform offers a wide range of hardware and software tools designed for education that allow myViewBoard to easily integrate into any curriculum. Integrated collaboration software lets users write, highlight, and edit on top of any content, including the integrated web browser. Content can be recorded and saved for absent students, test review, or flipped learning. Along with the ability to import virtually any type of document or media file, integrated subject-specific templates, customizable backgrounds, and tools for creating mind maps, quizzes, and more assist with content development.

Completely compatible with Google Classroom and all related apps, ViewBoard software features a one-touch save to Google Drive™. Instructors can also quickly create teaching resources using ViewBoard tools, Google apps, or other cloud-accessible tools – without the need to attach a computer, tablet, or other device.

Viewsonic has created a solution that offers great features for teachers and students alike. The multi touch screen is a digital whiteboard with multi-user sharing capabilities. Teachers now have a group of tools designed to help them create an innovative teaching environment. An environment designed to increase student engagement as well as interaction between students providing a consistently high-quality learning experience regardless of physical location. 

ViewSonic's platform helps teachers build better lesson plans. Lesson planning takes at least as long as teaching that lesson. However, with the right tools, teachers can create the kind of teaching materials of their dreams. Now educators can create multimedia lessons from anywhere and share them with anyone.

Teaching is about clear communication. Teaching is so much more than a presentation. Teaching needs to leave room for the unexpected. This means adding multimedia on the fly, reaching students more easily, and quickly sharing content to create better student engagement. ViewSonic understands that an effective teaching tool includes students in every lesson. With the right tools, it's easy for learners to interact with the lessons and their peers, including group work in shared spaces where learners of all ages can gather around a whiteboard to write, draw, and play together in hands-on learning environments.

Viewsonic myViewboard hardware and software tools are created for teachers and students to improve engagement and knowledge retention. ViewSonic's myViewboard solution is integrated into the cloud to ensure that you have access to all of your content as a teacher, regardless of physical location. The myViewboard interactive panel's software is built for Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and even the web. 

As an education technology solution provider, ViewSonic's development of myViewBoard and the ViewBoard interactive displays demonstrate the company's approach of providing broad-spectrum solutions focusing on open ecosystems and interoperability. These solutions offer institutions a "one-stop-shop" for education digitization, allowing them to move easily from more traditional teaching setups to approaches that fully embrace the benefits of digital and online learning.

While myViewBoard helps power ViewSonic's ViewBoard interactive displays, it is also compatible with interactive displays from other brands. It can be used with devices running on Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems, making it easy for education institutes to incorporate it into their existing infrastructure. Because of this openness, teachers can share lessons and content with other educators worldwide, creating a much more collaborative educational environment.

With a user base of over 5 million users, and more than 5,000 institutions around the world and growing. It’s clear that ViewSonic has earned the approval of learning institutions, teachers and students all over the world.

It’s clear that ViewSonic offers one of the best solutions for conducting group collaboration, managing a virtual classroom and doing it in an engaging and collaborative learning environment.

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