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Viewsonic PJD5533w Short Throw DLP Multimedia Projector - Review Summary

Posted on July 21, 2013 by 
See this projector in our annual Classroom Projector Report, sponsored by: Click Here! A summary of the Viewsonic PJD5533w and a list of this Viewsonic projector's pros and cons.

Viewsonic PJD5533w Projector: Bottom Line

While the Viewsonic PJD5533w is obviously aimed at the budget-conscious presenter, it is a solid performer.  By focusing on quality presentation abilities and low maintenance costs, Viewsonic has created a projector that will appeal to a lot of school districts and small businesses.  Need networking abilities or a plethora of connection options?  Look to one of Viewsonic’s more expensive models.  Want to project from your laptop via HDMI and get a sharp, colorful picture with good brightness, while spending no more than $500?  The PJD5533w may be the projector for you.

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The PJD5533w may be short on frills, but its performance did not disappoint.  It has excellent brightness and the ability to adapt to different wall surface colors can be equally welcome in the office or the classroom.  The solid color reproduction and decent black levels also provide for enjoyable photo and video presentations.  It also performs well with standard text or PowerPoint-type presentations.

The result is that the PJD5533w has a lot going for it as a multimedia/business/classroom projector.  If it were more expensive, its lack of networking capability and meager connection options might be a detriment to sales.  While we have not reviewed at direct competitor to the PJD5533w in its price range, a quick look at the competition (same price, brightness and resolution) shows that there are few that offer the contrast ratio, lamp life and warranty of the PJD5533w.  It may not be flashy, but the Viewsonic PJD5533w certainly qualifies as a Best Buy.

Viewsonic PJD5533w Projector: Pros

  • Excellent performance for its price
  • Runs quieter than many projectors in its class
  • Very good image with native resolution or higher and good color accuracy with all but the brightest mode
  • No dust filter to keep clean
  • Excellent lamp life
  • Good warranty and support with one-year warranty on lamp and Express Exchange service

Viewsonic PJD5533w Projector: Cons

  • Connection options are somewhat limited
  • No network display capability or wireless networking
  • Remote mousing does not work with Macs

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