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Viewsonic PJD7822HDL Projector Review - Advanced Calibration Information

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Art Feierman

About this Calibration Information

Mike completed the CMS calibration of the individual colors, which are provided below. And, of course, some additional comments from him.

CMS Calibration

Color Management Settings
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Hue (10) (0) (0) 17 (0) 48 (0) 72 (0) -56
Saturation (100) (100) (100) (100) 199 (100) 107 (110) 89
Brightness (110) 95 (110) 96 (110) 195 (110) 131 (110) 195 (120) 155

Numbers in ( ) are default settings

Mike's Calibration Notes - CMS

Mike's CMS Calibration Notes: 

The standard color gamut is okay for the primaries (except for the usual DLP green), but the secondaries are all off in hue (see CIE charts).  Using the CMS, I could improve things a bit on the primaries, but the controls had little effect on saturation, so there was little change.  The Hue controls worked pretty well on the secondary colors however.

The final result yields an “okay” CIE chart.  In actual movie watching, colors were much better after the CMS adjustment.

Calibration Charts

Pre- and post-calibration charts for the Viewsonic PJD7822HDL, click to enlarge.

Calibration Charts

Viewsonic PJD7822HDL Pre-Calibration CIE Chart

PJD7822HDL Post-Calibration CMS Chart

Viewsonic PJD7822HDL Gamma Chart

Viewsonic PJD7822HDL Grayscale Chart

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