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Viewsonic PRO8300 Projector - Performance

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

Viewsonic PRO8300 Projector - Brightness

The PRO8300 is rated at 3000 lumens.  Per our measurements, this rating is a bit optimistic.  At full wide zoom in Brightest mode, with Gamma set on 6 (default is 1), we were able to achieve 2302 lumens.  At mid zoom (where all other measurements were taken) and the projector displaying a 55” diagonal image, this dropped to 2105 lumens.  Setting gamma back on 1, the output was further reduced to 1857 lumens.  Consistent with other reviews, our measurements were taken at the brightest point of the image (in this case near the bottom center of the image).  All other measurements were taken at default gamma settings.

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Using Standard mode, the output dropped to 1389 lumens.  Theater mode exhibited an even greater drop to 858 lumens and Dark Room (which uses Eco lamp mode) dropped way down to 371 lumens.  The two User modes came in at a similar level to Standard mode, at 1486 lumens.

Dropping the PRO8300 into Eco lamp mode reduced the output of the Brightest mode from 1857 lumens to 1389 lumens, a 25% drop.  This is a fairly significant drop, but on the plus side results in much greater lamp life.

Viewsonic PRO8300 Projector - Audible Noise

The Viewsonic PRO8300 proved to be a very quiet projector.  Viewsonic rates the noise levels at 31 dB in Normal mode and 27 dB for Eco mode.  This noise level is lower than most multimedia projectors of similar (or even lower) lumen output, roughly equaling comparably priced home theater projectors.  Further, the PRO8300’s two built-in, 10 watt apiece speakers easily overcome any projector noise.

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