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ViewSonic X2000B-4K Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector Review – Notable Features

Posted on June 29, 2022 by Kam Valentine


The ViewSonic X2000B-4K comes equipped with 5GHz high-speed Wi-Fi. The projector’s smart streaming functionality allows you to wirelessly stream and share movies and videos from compatible smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices. For wireless screen mirroring, ensuring your device is connected to the same network as the X2000B-4K is essential. If they are on separate networks, screen mirroring will not work.

Via the X2000B-4K’s Apps Center App Store, end-users can enjoy apps like Disney+, Nick Jr., and TED TV. Unfortunately, you will not find popular apps like YouTube or Amazon Prime Video in the ViewSonic Apps Center App Store.

Note that while you can download the Netflix app from the Apps Center App Store, X2000B-4K, like some other smart projectors, cannot actually stream the service due to not being a Netflix-approved device. Hopefully, this issue will be corrected in the future.


The X2000B-4K has keystone correction with 4-corner adjustments to assist with setup and alignment. 4-corner keystone correction eliminates trapezoid effects when projecting from various locations to help lessen any apprehension when setting the projector up. However, utilizing 4-corner keystone correction may impact latency while gaming. Therefore, I suggest setting the 4-corner adjustment values to zero to enjoy lower latency gaming.

As usual, I placed the projector on a level surface and moved the X2000B-4K until the image matched up for perfect alignment on my 110-inch Screen Innovations (SI) Solo Pro 2 Unity AT Pure White 1.3 gain projector screen and an Elite Screens Aeon CLR® 3 Series, 103-inch ALR projector screen. I took my time and did not have to use any of the X2000B-4K’s 4-corner adjustments. I recommend spending a few extra minutes getting the alignment perfect by physically adjusting the projector’s position whenever possible. Using digital keystone correction slightly degrades any projector’s image quality and induces latency. Although I did not need to utilize any keystone settings, it is nice knowing it is there if ever needed. If I were traveling and forced to set the X2000B-4K and projector screen up on an uneven surface, I would be happy to have the ability to keystone with 4-corner adjustments.


The ViewSonic X2000B-4K has Warping adjustments for a perfectly proportioned picture every time. The X2000B-4K’s Warping adjustments allow for 60 points of correction that help eliminate distorted and crooked images. In addition, warping allows the end-user to project images onto curved walls, flat screens, and virtually everything in between.


The X2000B-4K features HDR and HLG support. After the X2000B-4K auto-detects metadata or Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF) info from HDR contents, HDR becomes available. HDR sends static metadata to the video stream, which is encoded information on color calibration settings required to make images look more like the content creator’s intentions. HDR is best for displaying HDR movies.

With 4K HDR content, extended color space with better highlight details and shadow details can be delivered. ViewSonic’s HDR Tone and Color Mapping functions are designed to adjust and show the best image based on the specific projector specifications. However, Tone Mapping (whether dynamic or not) requires the projector to compromise something (highlights, brightness, contrast, color, or black level). Since different devices have different specifications, the color and brightness of a projected image might differ from the original content as it was intended to be shown.

NBC Sports featured 4K with HDR and Dolby Audio Atmos for its 2022 Winter Olympics coverage.
NBC Sports featured 4K with HDR and Dolby Audio Atmos for its 2022 Winter Olympics coverage.

The ViewSonic X2000B-4K also supports Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), the HDR standard developed for live broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in conjunction with Japan’s national broadcaster Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai. Alas, most broadcast TV does not yet support 4K, let alone HDR. However, I would like to point out that NBC Sports featured 4K with HDR and Dolby Audio Atmos for its 2022 Winter Olympics coverage. The 2022 Winter Olympics marked the broadcaster’s first use of the enhanced format. With X2000B-4K, you are all set to enjoy sports and award shows when more networks decide to start broadcasting content in HDR.


The ViewSonic X2000B-4K has an excellent dual 50-watt projector audio system; however, some end-users may still want to attach it to an AV Receiver to take advantage of high-quality sound. The X2000B-4K has ARC support on the HDMI-2 port. When connecting ARC-compatible speakers to the projector with HDMI cables, the audio can be returned to these speakers from the X2000B-4 K’s HDMI-2 port.

The X2000B-4K supports multiple audio outputs, including Dolby Audio and DTS-HD. If you decide not to use ARC, your only other option would be to connect audio via the audio output jack. However, the audio output jack cannot pass the latest immersive surround formats to an external sound system.

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