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ViewSonic's New M1 Pro Projects in 360 Degrees with a Flexible Smart Stand

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By Philip Boyle

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ViewSonic Corp., a leading global visual solutions provider, introduces the new M1 Pro Smart LED Portable Projector. This palm-sized cinematic powerhouse weighs less than 1kg and features a patented smart stand, delivering 720p HD images in 360 degrees with theatre-quality audio from Harman Kardon speakers. With a 30,000-hour, maintenance-free LED light source and a built-in battery, the M1 Pro is the ideal companion to turn almost anywhere into an immersive entertainment space.

Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic, describes the New M1 Pro this way:

Portable projectors with higher resolutions are in strong demand; we launch the upgraded M1 Pro to push the boundaries of what portable projectors are capable of. With its enhanced visuals and a patented stand for 360-degree projection, its flexibility satisfies every spontaneous need of the user.

In addition, the stylish design comes with a mesh surface that infuses a sense of warmth to the tech device. It also embodies our commitment to offering large-screen entertainment that fits into any lifestyle.


ViewSonic describes the new M1 Pro as a projector designed to provide users with a fantastic audiovisual experience anywhere, anytime.

The ViewSonic M1 Pro is a palm-sized lightweight 2.9 lbs (950g) portable powerhouse that can easily be carried in small bags, backpacks, or briefcases. The M1 Pro can project a 100-inch diagonal image from about 8 feet (2.5 meters) away from the screen.

The ViewSonic M1 is rated to provide users with 600 LED lumens of brightness. Typically, 600 LED lumens convert to about 250 ANSI lumens of brightness which is the measurement we use here at Projector Reviews. LED-powered light sources provide vivid colors, which can look true to life in areas with controlled lighting. 

Harmon Kardon Speakers - Projector Reviews - Image
Harman Kardon speakers integrated into the projector's small chassis

Along with an LED image, ViewSonic recognizes that to provide a better user experience, it has to offer good sound to go with the video. They have equipped the M1 Pro with dual sets of powerful customized Harman Kardon speakers integrated into the projector's small chassis. ViewSonic partnered with Harmon Kardon to deliver rich and clear audio that brings to life movies, TV shows, concerts, and games.

Moreover, this portable projector allows versatile audio options that suit every occasion. It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker or simply connect the M1 Pro to a pair of Bluetooth headphones to immerse yourself in the big-screen entertainment.


The ViewSonic M1 Pro is powered by a built-in 12,000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery estimated to last up to 2 hours in the projector's ECO light mode. This compact portable projector is travel-friendly. It supports big-screen entertainment on the go without having to worry about a power source. Alternatively, a power bank or a USB-C charger can also power the projector for longer sessions, making it ideal for home, camping trips, and movie nights under the stars.

The M1 Pro has a patented 3-in-1 smart stand for 360-degree projection, auto power on/off, and lens cap, bringing flexible usage and maximizing opportunities for instant fun. By swiveling the stand, the projector powers on automatically. The sturdy metal stand can easily be set up anywhere to project a large and vivid image. Simply swivel the stand back to cover the projector lens to shut it down. The stand also functions as a protective cover when being carried around.

Additionally, the M1 Pro can project a perfectly-formed image from any angle. The image angle can be adjusted immediately, thanks to its auto vertical keystone correction capability. Plus, the comprehensive horizontal & vertical keystone and four corner adjustment allow images to be shaped evenly projected from the front, above, below, and the sides.


ViewSonic points out that the M1 Pro is designed with a new aesthetic, featuring a mesh texture on the surface, which brings a soft touch to the sleek metallic look. The projector features an intuitive touchpad on the top panel, allowing users to play, pause, and adjust the volume. At the same time, the curved magnetic I/O cover completes the minimalist one-piece design.

ViewSonic has also embedded Wi-Fi connectivity into the device so that smart devices can be wirelessly paired with the M1 Pro, mirroring a vast range of content to the screen.


  • 600 LED lumens color/white brightness
  • 3-in-1 smart stand for 360° projection
  • HDMI 1.4 connector
  • USB Type-C and USB Type-A connections
  • Embedded 12,000 mAh battery
  • Can be powered from a USB power bank
  • 100" large screen in 720p HD resolution
  • Sound system by Harman Kardon speakers
  • Smart Wi-Fi screen mirroring
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1-year projector limited warranty

To learn more about ViewSonic's M1 Pro Smart LED Portable Projector, you can visit ViewSonic at

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