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Posted on October 3, 2022 by Philip Boyle

The Wemax Dice is a 1080p Full HD 4LED projector rated at 700 ANSI lumens. The 4LED-light source is rated to last up to 30,000 hours of light source life, providing years of maintenance-free operation.

Wemax Dice In a Backpack - Projector Reviews - Image
Small enough to be put in a small carry on or backpack

This remarkably sized mobile projector is powered by Android TV OS and supports the Google Play app store, unlike other Wemax projectors I've reviewed. The Dice is loaded with popular streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, HULU, HBO Max, AppleTV+, Paramount+, Peacock, and YouTube, provided through the Google Play application store. I experienced no issues getting any applications I downloaded to run on the projector. 

Wemax Dice Netflix App - Projector Reviews - Image
The Netflix App can be sideloaded and runs great in my testing

As a bonus, Netflix, which is not even an option to download from the Dices list of compatible apps, can't be downloaded from Google Play and is not installed on the projector, can be side-loaded and installed from an apk file. After doing this, Netflix runs with zero issues.

The Wemax Dice has decent out-of-the-box color accuracy compared to other portable projectors I've reviewed. The Dice is not a home theater projector but offers some useful, out-of-the-box picture preset modes. I especially like the Movie and Standard presets. The Dice can reproduce 100% of the Rec.709 color gamut displaying over 16.7M distinct colors.

The projector's brightness is more than enough when using it in a darker space, which lets it shine. However, the image will dim if you introduce even a small amount of light into the room.

Wemax Dice Lacking Brightness - Projector Reviews - Image
Not a lot of detail in darker areas of the picture

Contrast performance is one of this projector's most significant weaknesses, being rated at 350:1, and it shows with blacks being more gray than black, more so than many other portable projectors, even from Wemax. The Dice does not produce much shadow detail with dark area of the picture getting crushed.

HDR compatibility helps to improve the projector's overall shadow details but using it comes at a noticeable loss of brightness.

DBS and Dolby Certified Sound - Projector Reviews - Image
Good sound from such a small projector

The Wemax Dice has a 10-watt (5W x 2) sound system that is louder than any pico pico-based projectors I've reviewed and truthful better than many home theatre projectors I've reviewed.

The remote control's lack of direct access buttons for adjusting any critical feature other than volume is an issue for me. Users are forced to go through an unacceptable number of clicks to get to core adjustments like picture and sound, and when they get to these menus, they have to guess what impact these adjustments will produce and, if wrong, they are left with nothing to do but go through the same ridiculous clicks and guess again and again or just leave the picture in a preset mode.

Wemax Dice Battery Life - Projector Reviews - Image

The projector's built-in battery provides an estimated 3 hours of runtime with video playback. Battery times will vary based on image settings and volume level. Wemax includes a power brick with the projector if you need more runtime.

The Wemax is priced at an MSRP of $699, but as of this review, they are offering an additional 10% discount on the projector when purchased from their website. The Dice is not the brightest portable projector available, but it is one of the more interestingly designed 1080p 4LED-powered smart projectors with a built-in battery you can buy.


JM-GO 01 $899

The JMGO 01 is a 1080p ultra-short-throw, LED-powered projector rated at 800 ANSI brightness. JMGO O1's provide a recommended 60" to 100" screen size while placed just 10 inches away from the wall or projection surface.

The JMGO 01's built-in stereo sound is designed to match the quality of this projector's video performance. Co-created with the leading producer of loudspeakers - DYNAUDIO, the specially tuned and enhanced audio is powerful, immersive, and surrounds you with stereo sound.

The JMGO 01 is an intelligent projector powered by Luna OS that features gadgets making it a 24/7 companion, including a music visualizer, bulletin board, weather dashboard, and Alexa built-in.

BenQ GS50 $799

The GS50 is a 1080p Full HD LED projector rated at 500 ANSI lumens. In addition, the LED light source is rated for years of maintenance-free operation.

The GS50 is built with the Android TV Operating System with 5000+ native apps. Smart features are seamlessly integrated. The on-screen menus are well laid out and easy to navigate. BenQ GS50's ruggedized chassis is excellent for those always on the move. The IPX2 splash-resistant rating and 2.3-foot drop resistance, thanks to its double protection of 1mm-thick water-resistant TPU inner layer and a drop-resistant outer resin, are sure to please outdoor enthusiasts and road warriors.

If you are looking for a 1080p LED portable projector with a built-in battery, built-in speakers color accuracy, and a 2.1 channel audio system with a 10-watt woofer, then the BenQ GS50 might be for you.

XGMI Halo $799

The XGIMI Halo is a 1080P LED DLP smart projector with a single DLP (0.33" DMD) chip. Its LED light source is rated to deliver 600-800 ANSI lumens for up to 30,000 hours, giving you many years of maintenance-free operation. The Halo has a fixed focal length lens with a powered focus.

The Halo is built with the Android TV 9.0 and is loaded with popular streaming apps like Netflix, HULU, Disney+, YouTube, and Peacock.

XGIMI Halo has a built-in battery rated for up to eight hours of music playback or up to four hours of video playback time. This enhances the unit's portability and makes it an excellent option for a backyard theater or watching a movie at a campsite.


  • The image is decently bright.
  • Color is good in very low light
  • Built-in battery for on-the-go use
  • Displays 100% of the Rec.709 color gamut
  • Uses Android TV OS for the ultimate app compatibility
  • Netflix works excellent when sideloaded
  • Easy to set up
  • Great for casual gamers
  • Easy manual keystone adjustment
  • Autofocus is a great feature
  • Fan noise is minimal
  • Portable


  • No on-device controls except power on/off
  • Contrast performance is poor.
  • You can't adjust picture settings while seeing the picture
  • Remote is too limited
  • I would have preferred a back-lit remote control

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