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XGIMI Aura 4K Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector Review - Summary

Posted on October 28, 2021 by Kam Valentine
The XGIMI Aura is one of the least expensive Laser TV on the market but rival units that cost several hundred dollars more

I’ve had the Aura for weeks in preparation for this review. At an MSRP of $2,499, the Aura is quite the deal for such a high-quality UST projector. The feature set is simply outstanding at this price, especially when considering the awe-inspiring fit and finish. I would even venture to say you are getting more than what you paid for if you decide the Aura is right for you. After all, the XGIMI Aura is a sophisticated all-in-one solution for a home cinema. The Aura allows the end-user to easily build a home-style 4K theater almost anywhere since you only need to place the Aura 17.3-inches from a wall or UST projector screen to project a 150-inch image. At only 4.3-inches away from a wall or UST projector screen, the Aura projects an 80-inch image for those of you with limited space.

The Aura boots up fast. XGIMI states the Aura’s “fast boot” takes about 12 seconds, and I can confirm that my boot up took about 12 seconds or less. Furthermore, the setup is hassle-free. Power on the projector, adjust the image to perfection with the eight-point keystone, and then access your favorite content via Android TV in seconds.

The 0.47-inch DMD Texas Instruments (TI) DLP chipset imager reproduces 4K content in SDR and HDR very well. In addition, the laser light source is rated to last up to 25,000 hours and provide virtually maintenance-free performance when the Brightness Mode (power mode) is set to Standard.

The images this ultra-short throw projector produces are beautiful. Of course, it goes without saying that using the Aura in a dark room or a room with a minimal amount of ambient light will get you the best-looking image. As you can see in the pictures above, the images are bright and vibrant in a dark environment.

With overhead lights and ambient lights from open doors and windows, the Aura still provides a good image when projected onto an ambient light rejecting screen like the Elite Screens Aeon CLR® 3 Series. You will want the ambient light and ceiling light rejecting capabilities of a well-made ultra-short throw projection screen. The image may not be the same as when no ambient light exists, but the image is better than most would expect in high ambient light environments. Instead of a completely washed-out greenish-blue image, the Aura maintained enough of its balance that colors were good. I would even say the projector was visibly better than many other DLP projectors I’ve seen in high ambient light environments. The XGIMI Aura can indeed replace your traditional TV and be enjoyed daytime or nighttime.

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The XGIMI Aura is featured packed and offered a good looking picture for its price

While the XGIMI Aura ($2499 MSRP) is one of the least expensive Laser TV on the market but its picture quality along with the unit's fit and finish rival Laser TVs that sell for several hundred dollars more. As Projector Review’s Technical Editor and Lead Reviewer Phil Jones’ has said in the past, ninety percent of the ultra-short-throw projectors on the market today utilize the same DLP chip. Projectors at this price point, built from similar components, are separated only by the capabilities of the engineers and programmers that produced them.

Phil’s analogy is perfect when he says, “Think of these manufacturers as chefs. Given the same tools and ingredients, the chefs’ skill and experience are what determines how good or bad the meals they prepare will taste.” Sticking with Phil’s analogy, I would say the XGIMI Aura, if a Michelin Star Chef prepared it, would be 2 stars. Michelin stars go from one star, which indicates a “very good restaurant”; two stars which indicate a place “worth a detour” and three stars which means “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” Now that I have made you hungry, go ahead sit down and have yourself a nice meal while watching a movie.

As we like to say at Projector Reviews, “Go Big and stay home” to watch a movie on your projector screen.


  • $2499 Retail
  • Projector Functions and Android TV Controlled by a Single Remote
  • Built-in Android TV™ 10.0 OS (no dongle taking up a valuable HDMI port)
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Voice Control via Google Assistant
  • Laser Light Source
  • 20,000-hour Light Source Lifespan
  • Intelligent Eye Protection
  • Eight Point Keystone Correction
  • HDR10
  • Built-in Harman/Kardon 60-watt Audio System
  • Audio Return Channel via HDMI Port 1
  • Three HDMI 2.0 Ports


  • Netflix app not supported
  • Remote control lacks a backlight
  • No CMS or 2 point Grayscale limit th ability to fine tune the picrure quality

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