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XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Smart LED Projector Review-Special Features

Posted on May 20, 2021 by Kam Valentine

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Android TV Projector Review – Special Features: LED Light Source, Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology, HDR Compatible, X-Vue Technology, Smart TV Features


XGIMI rated the Horizon Pro LED light source at 2200 ANSI lumens for 25,000 hours. At 25,000 hours, the light source would last 8.5 years if used for 8 hours every day; a lot of years of worry-free operation.


The integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows the Horizon Pro's AI-powered object detection, auto screen detection, and intelligent spatial sensing algorithm to work together. Together, they intelligently identify and avoid obstacles in the projection area. The Horizon Pro is trained through thousands of scenes and hundreds of screen settings to automatically recognize the screen area and adjust the image accordingly. XGIMI stated that even if you put the Horizon Projector on its side, it will still fill the screen from edge to edge. With the integrated AI and automatic keystone correction, the Horizon Pro setup is quick and easy. My demo Horizon Pro adjusted to my screen in about 5 seconds.


The Horizon Pro supports both HDR10 and HLG formats.

The Horizon Pro supports HDR10 which is the most popular High Dynamic Range format for high-quality decoding to enhance the contrast ratio. The HDR10 enables the viewer to see rich details in the image in a variety of ambient light conditions. In essence, HDR10 content offers improved brightness and color capabilities over traditional content or Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content.

SDR content typically shows details in either a darker portion of a scene or a brighter portion of a scene but won't reveal details in both portions of the scene concurrently. For example, if the shot focuses on a bright window in the scene, details in the shadow are lost. With HDR10, you do not lose the details in the light and dark extremes in a picture.

In addition to HDR10, the Horizon Pro supports HLG which is the HDR standard developed for live broadcast.


XGIMI loaded the Horizon Pro with their patented X-VUE image technology. The X-VUE image technology adopts 60Hz motion compensation technology that works with their MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) to solve any potential image flutter or tailing problems that might occur when projecting high dynamic ranges. XGIMI stated that this technology significantly increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures on the Horizon Pro through a specific algorithm. 


The Horizon Pro is powered by Android TV with 5000+ native apps and allows the user to easily set up the built-in Android TV with an Android phone option. You can quickly transfer your Android phone Wi-Fi network and Google Account to the Horizon Pro Android TV. I do not have an Android phone, so I had to skip using this feature and manually input my network.

Once successfully connected to my internet, I was asked for a Google sign-in to get new apps, personalized recommendations, access entertainment, control media, and more. The Goggle Play set up screen had an "Install all of the following apps" screen to download preset apps. I also had an app recommendation from XGIMI for downloading Hulu for Android TV, Spotify – Music and Podcasts, MX Player, Kodi, Facebook, and Plex. All of the apps were from the Google Play Store.

Voice Control

The Horizon Pro is a smart projector equipped with voice control via Google Assistant. With its built-in microphone, the remote is used to control a wide variety of functions using only your voice. Simply press the Google Assistant mic button, the only colored button on the remote, and you are ready to control the Horizon Pro with your voice. Some of the things you are able to use voice control for would be to ask the projector "who won the Los Angeles Lakers game," "go to projector settings," or "play some nice music."

Built-in Apps

The projector has Google Play Store with an immense amount of entertainment apps that can all be accessed directly from the Horizon Pro. You could also access popular streaming services, including HBO Max, Showtime, and Spotify, to name a few.

Wireless Connectivity

The Horizon Pro allows for wireless networking. This is great for the user who wants to access the unit's internal apps and services easily. You could take your entertainment with you for perhaps a neighborhood block party movie night. Since the Horizon Pro has both streaming services and dual 8-watt Harman/Kardon premium built-in speakers, all you need is a power outlet and a wall or screen to project onto.

Media Playback

The Horizon Pro also has a built-in media player that can access files via its USB inputs. One USB 3.0 input and one USB 2.0 input are located on the rear of the chassis. The USB inputs can be used for numerous media types, like videos, photos, or MP3. The Horizon Pro's USB inputs could also be used to connect other tools, such as a game controller, keyboard, or mouse. I connected a Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro mouse to the Horizon Pro and it worked seamlessly.

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