Home Theater and Projectors

The Technical Side

CES 2014 – New Products/Technologies

This blog is focused only on new video projectors and Ultra High Definition (UHD) video sources introduced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I will also cover what's happening in general with the roll-out of UHD products and related technologies.


Dealing with Different Aspect Ratios

This blog post includes a discussion of dealing with video material with different aspect ratios and also provides a few updates to information posted in my previous blogs.


HDMI 2.0 and Support for 4K UHD Video

Blog by Ron Jones

This blog provides an update on the new HDMI version 2.0 standard’s support for handling 4K Ultra-HD video.  I have included some specific information that I have received from an official source within the HDMI organization as well as some more general information about this new HDMI standard. 


CEDIA Expo 2013 – Day 2

Blog Posted by Ron Jones

This is the second blog in this series from the CEDIA Expo 2013 Show in Denver, CO, USA.  In the Day 1 blog I covered some of the interesting new projectors from JVC, Sony and Epson.  In this Day 2 blog I have a little follow-up information related to JVC and Epson products as well as information on other home theater related products I’ve  seen here at the show.


CEDIA Expo 2013 – Day 1

Blog posted by Ron Jones

This series of Blogs will report on home theater projectors and related products being introduced at the CEDIA Expo trade show being held in Denver, CO USA.  Today’s blog covers projectors from JVC, Sony and Epson and I plan to post another blog tomorrow for the second day of the show that will cover additional manufacturers and their most interesting products.