Home Theater and Projectors

The Technical Side

Setting up a Home Theater – Part 1

Two of the more common problems that prospective owners of projector-based home theaters encounter are:

1. not having an understanding how go about selecting a projector and screen combination that will integrate well into their ‘home theater’ room; and

2. they find that after mounting the screen and the projector they do not fully understand how to mechanically and optically align the projector in order to achieve a projected image that is a perfect, or near perfect, rectangle correctly centered on the screen.

I will cover the above topics in two parts by covering the first item in this blog and continuing in Part 2 (next month) with a discussion that will address the second item.


InfoComm 2013 Report

The annual InfoComm trade show is now underway in Orlando, Florida.  I expect Art to be tweeting  his observations (follow HERE) from the show and perhaps posting some info later on his blog (HERE).  I am only at the show for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning and during my limited time at the show I will attempt to visit the exhibits of the major projector manufacturers.  I plan to update this blog at least a couple of times while the show is underway.


4K Ultra-HD Video Sources – Status Report

This Blog includes the latest news related to future 4K Ultra-HD (UHD) video sources.  I have, in several previous blogs, talked about 4K UHD displays, technical standards, interfaces and video sources.  This blog provides the latest information and updates to the information related to future 4K UHD video sources discussed in those earlier blogs (e.g., HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE).


On the Road to 4K UHD

This blog provides an update on 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) standards, services and products.  2013 is the year in which the essential pieces will be coming together that will enable large scale production of 4K UHD products and services in 2014.  Also I provide a word of warning about being an early adopter of 4K UHD technology.


Update on 4K UHD Consumer Products

This blog provides a brief update on new 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) products.  Some of these were announced this week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual trade show being held in Las Vegas.