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This page lists all projectors that we have reviewed, alphabetically by projector manufacturer.  For each company’s reviews those are listed chronologically, most recent first.

*Comparisons of Projectors

3M Projectors

AAXA Projectors

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  • Ууганбаяр Амгалан

    My projector budget is 1000$ maybe 1500$. Under these budget which projector is better/best/ pls help me? In my opinion maybe benq epson optoma sony vpl


      Hi, It depends on what you plan to use it for, movies, sports, general HDTV, gaming. Also your room conditions. check out a few of our videos to help you figure out all the basics, then read our most recent Best Home Theater Projectors report, which will give you our recommendations and why, at each price point. Good hunting. -art