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This page lists all projectors that we have reviewed, alphabetically by projector manufacturer.  For each company’s reviews those are listed chronologically, most recent first.

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  • Ууганбаяр Амгалан

    My projector budget is 1000$ maybe 1500$. Under these budget which projector is better/best/ pls help me? In my opinion maybe benq epson optoma sony vpl


      Hi, It depends on what you plan to use it for, movies, sports, general HDTV, gaming. Also your room conditions. check out a few of our videos to help you figure out all the basics, then read our most recent Best Home Theater Projectors report, which will give you our recommendations and why, at each price point. Good hunting. -art


    To do a 440 foot diagonal wall the first thing you will need is a lot of money. (I assume that would be showing your movie on the side of a dam, or a huge warehouse wall, since there are no movie screens that large in the world today (to the best of my knowledge). You are talking about a picture almost 20 stories tall. If you are serious, I would suggest stacking perhaps a dozen 30,000 lumen projectors. Figure your cost will be at least $10 million dollars, but maybe 5 times that? You will also need a lot of power. You’ll likely be drawing about as much power as a dozen homes with all appliances running. -art

  • Mrgood Nok

    Sorry for 440 feet. It’s in fact 440 inches diagonal. Hope now it will have some respectable solution

  • Roger Brooks

    Got a burning question. I have an older Epson 5010 with 711 hours on it. It’s 15′ away from my 135″ screen. It’s getting long in the tooth so I’m thinking of getting the Epson LS1000. BUT I love the 2400 lumens of the 5010 and the LS10000 only has 1500 lumens. While the room is dark, when we watch 3D movies I always wish it were brighter. Will the LS1000 with a third less lumens end up being a disappointment?


      Hi Roger, Tough call. First understand that with your 5010 at 700 hours it’s lamp brightness is already probably down 20-30%. So figure that at the moment, there’s little difference in brightness between your 5010, running in a bright mode (since we’re talking 3D, Dynamic 3D), and the LS10000.

      Now, “they” say, that based projectors seem brighter, per lumen, but I don’t buy into that, or at least only if it’s a pure laser – not converting to white first using phosphors. So that’s basically the story, the LS10000 should be about as bright as you are getting now, but the laser will, of course dim very, very, slowly. On the “bright side” the LS10000 will blow you away. The question probably should be – wait for a true 4K projector? The LS10000 and the new JVC’s are the only compromises around at the moment, capable of handling 4K copy protected content. Personally, I probably would have bought an LS10000 in the past 6 months, but for the fact that I have lots of projectors here, and, over the last 18 months I’ve had one Sony true 4K projector or another, or the LS10000 here for a total of more than half of that time. Why buy when I can borrow. -art

  • Camzo OG

    Hey need some help from someone real bad. We are moving house pretty soon and was wondering if you could recommend me a projector that is less than $800 1080p (i doubt theres a 4k one for that price), 3D, gives a nice image. It will be for watching blu rays a lot in a room that will be darkened but still kinda light if that makes sense?

    Also need help with a screen got no clue how a lot of this works but I want a decent home cinema in my new house cause I love films :)