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Projector Reviews Announces new Press Release Blog for Projectors

Greetings all, Projector Reviews, in looking to improve information for our visitors and friends, have long considered publishing industry press releases.  There are several reasons why we think you will benefit. But first, let me explain why it's a blog, and not just another directory on our site:  As it turns out, a blog format looks to be the most convenient way to quickly put up pages, and delivering all this additional projector content to you, quickly.   And there you have it. RSS feeds should be working almost immediately.  Yes, we'll try to get the most of the social feeds running quickly too. But for one thing.  We're going to make an effort to read the press releases, before posting them. In fact, look for a 50 to 100 word preface that Lori will be including. She will endeavor, to cut through some of the marketing, and deliver at least one interesting, and useful tidbit, that we consider important, or worth mentioning.  Lori may not be a reviewer, but she's lived with me and had to put up with all my projector gibberish for most of that time, as well as managing (and feeding) our projector database in its entirety. She has skills! Over these first few days, we'll start populating the site.  We'll have a few assorted projectors first, but then concentrate on the announcements from the CEDIA show starting Thursday, which will be home theater projectors, all-in-ones, probably some new Pico projectors.  Some will be 3D projector announcements. We hope to average about 10 projector announcements a week once we're up to full speed.  (Not that many releases - most announce a couple or few projectors.  It's our goal to ultimately publish all new projector announcements, from the top 20 projector manufacturers (plus others we consider important). One more thing.  If you found our blog by search, please, by all means, click and visit our core site: -art

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