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3 New LG ProBeam Projectors For The Commercial Market

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By Philip Boyle

LG is introducing three new high-definition business-class projectors designed for use in and to meet the needs of the projection industry's education, business, and government segments. LG’s three new ProBeam commercial projectors are designed to provide business travelers, field sales personnel, educators, and more with the features and performance they need to do their jobs. These new projection models are designed to be reliable, delivering a long operational lifespan, and bright enough to be useful in almost any space with up to 7,000 lumens of brightness working even in sun-lit environments.

The three new projectors deliver premium performance and features for their price value. Technology decision-makers can be confident that these new projectors will provide their team professionals with the performance features they demand and the reliability to use them daily.

According to Tom Carroll, Sales Director at LG Business Solutions, “The laser and LED projectors we launched today deliver optimized performance for all commercial and business needs,” Carroll said. “These new projectors are some of the most powerful, flexible, cost-effective display solutions available, making professional-quality AV systems accessible for schools, companies, and organizations of all sizes.”


LG’s webOS Smart Signage 6.0 Platform marks the company's entrance into the on-device software-based control and content distribution arena. The new LG ProBeam BU70QGA is the first 4K UHD projector to feature the powerful platform that simplifies networked content distribution and streaming. This LG webOS-based solution provides users access to advanced picture settings such as edge blending, picture-in-picture, and picture-by-picture capabilities. The ProBeam BU70QGA’s edge blending technology allows the user to easily control the luminance of the area where the projected light overlaps and enables the seamless connection of overlapping light from two or more projectors through color correction.

Working with an onboard high-performance System-on-Chip (SoC), the projector can execute multiple tasks simultaneously while providing smooth content playback, enhanced user convenience with an intuitive user interface, and provide network administrators with simple app development tools. The ProBeam BU70QGA can connect with LG ConnectedCare, LG’s cloud-based device management solution for LG digital signage and display devices. Additionally, webOS Smart Signage 6.0 allows many third-party webOS solution providers to add projection capabilities to their offerings, expanding LG’s extensive signage ecosystem.

The ProBeam BU70QGA’s detailed imaging ability makes it ideal for use in large or brightly lit spaces like meeting rooms, auditoriums, or lobby signage. The BU70QGA features 4K UHD resolution, 7,000 lumens of brightness, reliable laser light, lens shift, 1.6x optical zoom, built-in wireless, and an integrated camera that can make setup and positioning of the projector a better experience.

Motorized focus and zoom control make it easy for users to adjust the picture as needed. The projector can even be used without an external audio system thanks to a pair of 5W onboard speakers. Convenient wireless screen sharing can be added through LG’s optional One: Quick Share USB transmitter and software, a wireless screen sharing solution for LG’s webOS Signage. One: Quick Share provides an easy yet powerful way to share personal PC screens to signage using a PC’s USB port and even manage LG signage’s basic functions.


The LG ProBeam BF40QS is a full-featured projector that offers superior image quality and the long working life of a laser-based projector. With 4,000 lumens of brightness, WUXGA resolution, 1.6x optical zoom, and horizontal and vertical lens shift, this projector is easy to install and capable of delivering great images in fully lit classrooms, boardrooms, and other medium-sized environments.


For users needing ultimate flexibility, the compact and lightweight LG PF510QC LED projector delivers convenience and functionality, making it an ideal travel companion or portable display solution. It features Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, a 4 CH LED light source, and up to 450 lumens.

Measuring 5.8” wide x 2.7” high x 5.8” deep (less than 88 cubic inches in volume) and weighing only three pounds, it is easy to transport and go from set up to presenting super fast. The PF510QC’s auto vertical keystone correction ensures accurate projection from imperfect angles, while AirPlay 2 and Screen Share provide a simple wireless connection to mobile phones and tablets. This little but powerful projector has Bluetooth sound with Dual Sound Out capability to connect to two audio Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It can equip field sales teams or home office staff with a convenient solution for traveling workers when conference rooms or large displays aren’t available.

“Professional integrators now have more options when recommending a ProBeam projector to their clients in corporate facilities, government facilities, or K-12 and higher-ed institutions,” Carroll concluded.

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