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Aaxa 4k1 Home Entertainment Projector Review- Picture Quality

Posted on August 15, 2019 by Dave Duncan

Aaxa 4k1 Home Entertainment Projector Review – Picture Quality: Color Modes, Video Image Quality

Welcome to the picture quality page. Here I will go through the aaxa 4k1 Mini projector color modes, video quality and note how it performs with text and presentations. Many are driven to purchase a 4k display for the huge upgrade in resolution and clarity of the image. 4K content looks so crisp and detailed. The aaxa 4k1 delivers a good image and great 4k resolution.

Color Modes

Axxa 4k1 mini projector delivers rich vibrant LED colors. As I eluded to in the hardware section, there are not a lot of options to adjust them. In the menu, you have 4 picture modes, Standard, Soft, user and Vivid. You will notice that I did not include a picture of the user mode. One big issue I had is that while you are in the menu system, you cannot see your image. So I would pause the blue ray, then it was 7 clicks to the adjustment menu. Yet, if you can’t see what your adjusting, it makes it very difficult. I found my self going back and forth and then just going back to standard.
Standard - My choice for your best image performance. Still red and greens were strong, everyones lips were a little to red.
Soft - I am sure there was a bit of a sharpness adjustment between standard and soft. It was not a noticeable difference. Soft would be my second choice.
Vivid - was a big boost in red and green. This looked good for nature and wild life colors, but made skin tones greenish and lips very red.

Overall some of the colors were strong and overly saturated which causes the red checks and overly pink skin tones. As you can see in the image above, poor Jack Ryan looks like he has a cold with his red nose. Maybe a little fever with his rosy cheeks. This was a general theme. While watching Baywatch the reds were super red and the greens were neon. This oversaturation bled into other colors causing them all to have a tad to much red or green.  I will touch on the contrast in the next section.

I found the best viewing mode to be standard picture, with the brightness set to eco mode. Having an LED light engine, to increase brightness, they have to pump our more light, which led to much more green and Red. Not to mention fan noise, but that's another section coming up.

Video Image Quality

At a retail price for $999 the aaxa 4k1 mini projector offers a good value for 4k home entertainment. I was able to easily project a 200” diagonal with brightness and clarity to spare. I chose to use the 4k1 mini projector in eco mode. It was still completely able to fill my screen and provide a good viewing experience. The color saturation of the LED light source really put a rich image on the wall.

If you like to watch nature documentaries and animated movies, those are the types of content that really explode with vibrant colors. Watching the earth 4K special on Netflix the detail and amazing colors of the animal world really came through. The 4k resolution really shines when you can see all the intricate details of a flower or a fantastic moonscape. The scenes where there are millions of penguins inhabiting beach were great looking.

One of the movies I choose to use for testing was Aquaman. It has such bright colors. It looked very good on the aaxa 4k1 mini projector. All of the bright colors and red hair really looked great.

The internal player worked well. I had to get a hold of a few movie trailers before I found one that had both a supported video codec and audio codec so I could watch it on the projector. The internal player only supports 1080p as a max resolution. You can see in the picture player above, I used The Big Short trailer. It played smooth and without breaking up. There was some blockiness and mpeg noise in the blacks, but that is to be expected. This is a great option if you are looking for a movie in the yard, or on the go option.

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