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Aaxa 4k1 Home Entertainment Projector Review-Special Features

Posted on August 15, 2019 by Dave Duncan

Aaxa 4k1 Home Entertainment Projector Review: Special Features-The aaxa 4k1 Mini Projector has some unique features that set it apart as a 4K projector.

The ability to put 8.3 million pixels on your screen is one of them. With an 8,294,400 to be exact. That is full 4K UHD. Now the aaxa 4k1 does use some high speed pixel shifting to put the pixels on your screen. The fact remains that there are 8,294,400 pixels of information being displayed. It does a great job too! It really looks impressive when displaying UHD content.

Picture of parrot gradient that changes to 4k res.

The brilliant LED color saturation makes nature scenes glow with vibrancy. As you will see in the performance section, the 4k really lets you see the detail that would be missed or less crisp at 1080. The 4K1 mini projector really takes advantage of the 4k resolution and LED lightsource.

Those of us that have been around projector for a while understand the pain point of a lamp. They get dimmer and are often not inexpensive. The aaxa 4k1 delivers 30,000 hours of use. That is a very large amount of viewing time.

Now that projectors are hitting this range that makes them as long-lasting and durable as your TV. The 30,000 hours is equated just like with a lamp. So that's 30,000 hours to half brightness. When you put it into stats, it is really great. That's 10,000 3 hour movies. If you use it for 8 hours a day it will last you a little over 10 years. It is performance factors like this that are driving projector upgrades these days, what better reason to refresh what you have. 4k and 30,000 hours.

Electric focus is a nice feature of the aaxa 4k1. There are adjustments on the remote that allow you to adjust the focus to gain a crisp image. As the 4k1 has a fixed lens if you want it wider or smaller you have to move the projector. I did notice that the lens is not telecentric, so when I moved the projector I had to adjust the focus. More about that in performance.

One great feature of the electric focus is that allows the lens to be recessed and there is no way to bump it or scuff it. If you are looking for a projector to pull out from time to time, that is a great feature to keep your lens free from marks.

A Media player is also on board of the 4k1. You can view video files, music files and text files from a USB thumb drive or SD card. There is a cap on the size. 32 Gig. Also, it will only support video files up to 1080, so no 4k from the onboard player.

This is a great way to take the 4k1 out into the yard and do a movie over the pool or on the patio. Enjoy the nice summer nights with friends and family. The support for the video player was pretty good. There are so many codecs out there that make it tough to find something to play. As I tried different movie trailers, there is more of that in the performance section.

The LED light source for the aaxa 4k1 mini projector really makes it shine. The colors are vibrant and saturated. There is also the bonus of no moving parts. LED projectors don’t use a color wheel. As with other DLP projection systems. This allows for fewer parts to break over time. The Quadcast LED system in the aaxa 4K1 delivered a bright saturated image. I will be touching on that later.

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