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AAXA M6 Projector Review - 1080p Pocket Sized and LED!

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Nikki Zelinger

AAXA M6 Pocket LED Projector

AAXA M6 Front

The AAXA M6 is a bright, single chip DLP pocket-class projector with LED technology. Instead of a lamp, the 1,200 lumen M6 features three LED lights - one for each color (red, green, and blue to recreate the color spectrum. The M6 has 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) and claims 1200 lumens when plugged in, 500 when running on battery power – that’s pretty good for a projector this size. At $599, it’s rather aggressively priced for a 1080p resolution, small LED projector!

The M6 is the big brother to the AAXA M5, which is WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and will be the subject of a separate review. That one has a street price of $480. I do consider the M6 to be the superior machine in terms of picture and performance, and for the extra $100 or so, definitely the better choice between the two.

The M6 could easily be used in several applications. Home entertainment, for watching movies, sports, streaming TV shows and casual gaming, even an occasional outdoor movie event. It would also have its place in business or education settings where there isn’t a permanently installed projector in the conference room or classroom, or when portability is important. It won't be as bright as larger lamp based projectors, but it's still respectably bright.

Specs Review

AAXA Specs
Technology LED
Native Resolution 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 1200
Zoom Lens Ratio
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life


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The AAXA M6 is a small pocket projector that weighs a mere 2.5 pounds. It is only 7 inches wide, 7 inches long, and 2.1 inches tall. The projector comes with a black carrying case with handles and is notably smaller than a laptop. Now that’s portable.

Small LED projectors like the M6 are often referred to as Pico projectors, although we tend to think of the Pico projectors as far smaller and normally well under 1 pound. Even the term pocket projector doesn’t accurately describe it’s size – who has a pocket that will hold something 7×7 inches? Still, the term pocket projector is well recognized, if not as much as Pico projector.

As mentioned above, the AAXA M6 can be used for both personal and professional purposes. I do not wish to limit its potential with my opinion, but I could see the M6 being a good first projector for a college student or young millennial who isn’t about buying a “serious” home entertainment or home theater projector, or someone who travels a lot and wants a large, quality image on the go (way better than hotel TVs).

Or, for the road warrior on a budget, the M6 would be useful for presentations, trainings, and other business applications. It is bright enough to handle room conditions with little control over ambient light, such as what is found in some conference rooms and training rooms. Perhaps many will use this for both professional and home use. Its portability makes that likely.

Its compact, portable nature (and included carrying case) makes the projector suitable to bring around to friends’ dorms and apartments for entertainment such as casual gaming and Netflix. The AAXA M6 is not a projector for hardcore professional gamers, but its input lag is respectable and will satisfy the vast majority of gamers. That said, for those just looking to have fun – it’s good at handling ambient light and has reasonably good color.

There are some light weight screens out there that would complement such a projector – Art and I made a video about two such screens that are priced under $100, currently in-edit. I will link to that video once it has been uploaded, so if you’re looking for a portable screen to go with your projector, check back here in a few weeks.

The AAXA M6 could be used in the classroom as well. Presentations, lessons, and even videos or films could be shown on this projector, and it is portable enough to be passed around from classroom to classroom. This is most appropriate where there is not a projector already installed in the classroom.

It has an excellent rated light engine life of 30,000 hours and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1. The M6 has a built-in media player for PC-free presenting. The media player allows for the playback of video, audio, text and photo files from a USB or mini TF-card (micro SDcard ). There’s a modest amount of inputs and connectors, though it has everything one would need from such a projector including HDMI, VGA and Audio Out ports.

M6 Highlights

  • 1,200 Lumens – Bright enough to use in a fair amount of ambient light
  • LED Lamp – Lasts up to 30,000 hours
  • Media Player – PC-Free presenting and playback available using multiple ports
  • Simple Menus – Easy navigation with simple options
  • Built-In 2-Watt Stereo Speakers – Loud enough to use with small audiences
  • Battery Powered – Can run for up to 90 minutes when not connected to power
  • Portable – 2.5 pounds and comes with a carrying case

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