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AAXA P8 Smart Mini Projector Review - Summary

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Philip Boyle
AAXA P8 offers big power in a small form factor

The AAXA P8 is a no-frills home and business mini projector that offers big features in a small package. It has 960x540 (qHD) resolution and is powered by an Luminus Devices LED light source and DLP technology, with a claimed brightness rating of 430 LED lumens. It can produce up to a 100" inch image, and has an onboard media player to make for easy content viewing.

The AAXA P8 is feature-packed
The AAXA P8 is feature-packed

Many pocket class projectors aren't highly bright, often rating around 200 lumens. The P8's brightest setting was measured at 325 ANSI lumens. The P8 has three display modes: Boost, Standard, and Eco. All the measurements I took were in the projector's Boost mode, but I think you will have better color and contrast overall, setting the P8's brightness in Standard mode.

430 LED Lumens of brightness
430 LED Lumens of brightness

The AAXA P8 can project an image as small as 20" diagonally and up to as large as 100" diagonally. I projected this at about 50" diagonally. It would probably be ideal not to go bigger than this.

Overall, I was satisfied with the level of sound performance from the P8. My expectations were not high for the 2-watt speaker, and while it's not loud, it's more than suitable for a room with a small audience or casual viewing. The 3.5mm jack allows external sound devices to be easily connected if you need higher sound levels. Text readability wasn't great with smaller text but should be adequate for large text and movie subtitles. Games with a lot of scripts to read could get frustrating. Color accuracy leaves something to be desired, overall image is pretty average.

The AAXA P8 can project on a blank wall or a screen, making it ideal for rooms where space is limited. TV shows and movies looked okay in the projector's Standard mode. Honestly, I did not get better results using the projector's limited custom picture adjustments in the User mode. I suggest sticking with Standard mode.

The projector picture quality performed as I expected for the $249 price. Some business projectors may have better features than the P8, but these can come with size and weight trade-offs that may impact portability. 

After spending quite a bit of time dealing with this projector's various menu systems, spotty Wi-Fi features, and remote control, I strongly recommend purchasing an inexpensive streaming stick such as the Amazon Fire Stick Lite and plugging it in via HDMI. Compared to the P8 features such as Wi-Fi casting will actually work on the Firestick. The Firestick's ECOsystem of Apps is more complete than the P8s with better quality control, and the interface is more unified and easy. Also, the Firestick remote and system performance is way better. 


  • 30,000 Hour LED light source
  • 325 ANSI Lumens
  • Android OS
  • Google Chrome web browser included 
  • Onboard media player
  • $249 list price 
  • Built-in speaker
  • Ultra-Compact design


  • No Play store access, only Aptoide
  • No built-in battery
  • WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity is spotty depending on what you are trying to do 
  • Smaller text is difficult to read
  • qHd resolution instead of Full HD
  • Noisy picture
  • Multiple menu systems (AAXA main, AAXA basic when connecting to USB-C, Android TV, and individual app menus with overlapping functions.

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