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AAXA P8 Smart Mini Projector Review - Notable Features

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Philip Boyle



For its size, the P8 is a decently bright projector in a completely dark room.

The P8 has LED lighting elements for red, green, and blue light. One nice thing about the P8 is that there is no color wheel. The P8 LEDs can handle a lot of power, resulting in a light source that can last up to 30,000 hours making the projector virtually maintenance-free.

AAXA claims that its partnership with Luminus Devices results in higher quality solid-state LEDs. This partnership allows AAXA to use cinema-class light source components in projectors such as the P8.

The P8's Luminus LEDs are almost ten times more efficient than those in most single-panel LCD projectors. The Luminus LEDs require only 35 watts of power running on a 12V power adapter. 


AAXA has built their OS based on Android OS version 10
AAXA has built their OS based on Android OS version 10

The AAXA P8 features a native Android 10.0 operating system that allows users to stream video content, mirror smartphones both wired and wirelessly, view and edit presentations and documents, and supports both WIFI (2.4ghz/5.0ghz) and Bluetooth connectivity. (Note: DMCA content including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus content is not sharable wirelessly).


Hulu, Disney+ and some other applications will not run on this projector
Hulu, Disney+ and some other applications will not run on this projector

Aptoide TV is the Android TV section of the Aptoide Android application store. Aptoide TV offers 2,500 Android TV applications and is growing. One of the big benefits of the Aptoide market place is that Aptoide provides an alternative way to discover apps and games, with no geo-restrictions. Aptoide also claims to have one of the best malware detection systems in the market. In my experience apps that I’ve downloaded from this store have a higher failure to run rate than apps I’ve downloaded from Google Play so be sure to verify installs will run. 

Also be aware that there are applications like Hulu, Disney+ and others that will not run on this projector because of DMCA copyright restrictions.


Having a built in media player can be an incredibly valuable asset eliminating the need to connect a computer to your projector. As a presenter, you only have to bring a USB or SD card with you.

Projectors provide the ability to connect a wide range of content devices but a full-featured media player is incredibly useful. Travelers and teachers alike can enjoy all the benefits of PC-free presenting. 

Using a USB flash drive, USB hard drive, or TF-card, just plug and play for near-instant projection of presentations, photo slideshows, music, or external video.  The P8 media player is also capable of displaying Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 

Not many projectors are capable of displaying these file formats without the use of a PC but the P8 can! In fact the P8’s internal media player can read and display the following file formats, MP3 / WMA / OGG / WAV / AVI / MP4 / JPG / GIF/PDF / DOC / XLS / PPT.


wireless and wired mirroring from compatible external devices

The AXXA P8 offers both wireless and wired mirroring from compatible external devices. This is great for accessing the projectors internal apps and services easily. The P8 allows your entertainment to be with you from the backyard for family movie time or to the office for impromptu presentations. All that’s needed is a power outlet and a wall or screen to project onto. The AAXA P8 features a 2 watt sound system with a single built-in speaker for big sound on the go.

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