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Acer P5271i DLP Projector - A Comparison-2

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Art Feierman

The P5271i is equipped with one 2W speaker. This is by no means enough if you’re presenting in a medium to large environment to a bigger crowd… But if you’re presenting to a few team members in a small conference room, the P5271i can handle those audio requirements. The P5271i also has network control capabilities, as well as the coveted wireless networking! Only a handful of the 60 other projectors examined in this year’s annual Best in Classroom report offer this feature, which allows for hassle-free, convenient presentations! Lastly, the P5271i supports remote mousing. These three major features (network control, wireless networking and remote mousing) aren’t even offered in the Acer X1261P, which won our Best In Classroom Runner-Up award… So imagine the possibilities!

The photos below were taken using another Acer projector, the X1261P. With that noted, the images from the P5271i projector should look fairly similar to the one we reviewed since they are close in brightness, have the same contrast, and are of the same XGA resolution.

If you’re concerned about maintenance costs, the P5271i only has the standard 1-year warranty. But with 4000 hours lamp life in eco-mode, the P5271i promises to run for quite some time.

All in all, the Acer P5271i seems to be a great choice! It’s affordable, bright, fairly portable, 3D ready and equipped with all sorts of great networking features. If your presentation environment and audience are on the smaller side, the P5271i is prepared to handle your visual and audio needs.

Specs for the Acer P5271i

MSRP: $749
Brightness: 3100 Lumens
Imaging Technology: DLP
Resolution: XGA (1024x768)
Contrast: 3700:1
Zoom Lens: 1.10:1
Audio: 2W mono
Lamp Life: 2500 hours, 4000 eco-mode
Dimensions: 4.7H x 13.4W x 10.3D
Weight: 9 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year

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