Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 Projector Review - Performance

Posted on September 9, 2014 by Art Feierman
PRO CINEMA LS10000 LASER PROJECTOR - Performance:  Brightness, Effect of Lens Position on Brightness, Pre-Calibration Color, Post Calibration Color

Pro Cinema LS10000 Brightness

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE
Mode Output
Dynamic 1615 @ 6091
Living Room 1068 @ 8461
Natural 1215 @ 6750
Cinema 1146 @ 7390
THX 1224 @ 6744
B&W Cinema 1076 @ 5556
Digital Cinema 1085 @ 7276
Adobe RGB 1050 @ 6692

Pick your mode, the LS10000 is bright.  As you can see in this table, here are the lumen measurements Mike came up with, for each mode, along with the color temp of white for that mode.

For these measurements the zoom lens is at mid-point.  That means there are a few more lumens "under the hood", if you can mount your projector at or near its closest point to the screen what we call full wide angle.

Although I definitely consider the LS10000 to be a home Theater projector - best when placed in a first class room, with great lighting control, and lots of dark surfaces, it does have the muscle to do media rooms that aren't near as dark, and even some family rooms and living rooms.  That said, In rooms without great lighting control, you lose the benefits of the great black level performance.

So, while the LS10000 might be versatile enough to journey into more "common" rooms, it won't be at its best.  Still, it will beat almost anything else you can put in those rooms, short of some high power home entertainment projectors that are no match in terms of picture.

BTW in the best modes, such as THX, Epson calls full power Extra Bright.  Mike reports that unlike lamps, adjusting the brightness of the light source has virtually no effect on the color output.

Normal - the medium mode, brings about a 23% drop in brightness, while Eco works out to almost a 46% drop.  Eco mode is the mode where Epson rates the laser light source at 30,000 hours.  Let's guess 20,000 hours for the brighter modes.

Effect of the Zoom Lens position on Brightness

Effect of Zoom on Lumen Output (Dynamic Mode)
Zoom Effect Lumen Output
Zoom out 1746
Mid-zoom 1615
Zoom in 1307

The optics of this Epson seem to be excellent.  It's interesting that Epson states that the zoom range is 2.1:1 same as many other Epsons (like the UBs), but the specs are otherwise different.   Per the specs, there should be slightly less difference in brightness between wide angle, mid-zoom, and telephoto, and the measurements in this table back that up.    It is clearly marked as a Fujinon lens, which is what Epson's been using for years on their UB and some other projectors.  Since we primarily use mid-zoom brightness in most discussions, and there's often a 10-25+ percent drop from closest to mid-zoom, then in this case if you can use the closest placement you won't see as big a jump in lumens.  In this case, not even 10%, and almost a perfect 25% drop to full telephoto, while most previous Epson's dropped over 35%.

For those mounting further back in their rooms, that also means that the projector hasn't lost near as much brightness, say on a rear shelf compared to up front, as most projectors.


LS10000 Color Accuracy - Pre Calibration

Color Temp over IRE Range (Pre-calibration, Best Mode: THX)
30 IRE 6192
50 IRE 6307
80 IRE 6597
100 IRE 6744

The table here shows the usual four measurements that I have Mike take, before calibrating the projector.  As you can see here, there's a steady shift from slightly cool in the brightest areas to a noticeable shift towards red in the dark ranges.  Mike's calibration (results below) took proper care of that warm lower end, but the top end, while definitely closer, still has the slightest cool shift.

Post Calibration Brightness and Color Accuracy

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post-calibration, based on THX)
20 IRE 6448
30 IRE 6361
40 IRE 6489
50 IRE 6417
60 IRE 6426
70 IRE 6547
80 IRE 6549
90 IRE 6644
100 IRE 6658

After Mike's calibration the color accuracy has improved from already pretty darn good to excellent - not the tightest range around 6500K, but by any measure a 320K range from 20 to 100 IRE is excellent.   While the color temp is really good, there's variation in terms of green output over the full range.  Green has relatively little effect on the color temp, more on the picture.  I just wish the photos looked as good as what was on the screen - a camera thing, I think.

Brightness is impressive.

The LS10000's calibrated Brightness it is 1198 lumens at mid zoom, THX mode!

1295 lumens at full wide angle (closest placement).

Folks, that's enough lumens  for movie theater brightness on a good 150" screen, if you've got the room for it!

Gamma:  Average gamma =   2.17

NOTE: The default gamma yields an average gamma of 2.27, a little dark in the mid-ranges for most folks taste.  Target is normally considered to be 2.2.   For general HDTV "video" viewing 2.0 is often preferred.  That would require another adjustment of one more on the gamma scale.

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