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Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 Projector Review - Advanced Calibration Information

Posted on January 3, 2015 by Art Feierman

About this Calibration Information

Mike completed the CMS calibration of the individual colors, which are provided below. And, of course, some additional comments from him.

CMS Calibration

Color Management Settings
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Hue 14 1 22 1 3 -13
Saturation 33 15 5 6 5 5
Brightness -8 -8 4 0 14 0

Mike's CMS Calibration Notes

The color gamut is very good by default in THX mode (which doesn’t have a selectable color gamut) and appears to be the same as the HDTV gamut, which is very good.  No one color was off very much, if at all, which is unusual with most projectors.  The highest chromaticity error was only 3% in one instance, with most of the error averaging less 2%.  After some small adjustments, the highest error was 2% with most of the rest averaging under 1%. In Digital Cinema mode, the gamut is expanded to meet that standard (see CIE Graph).

Overall, skin tones looked good, but you can always use the skin tone adjustment if you like a little more or less red.

Mike's Grayscale Calibration Notes

Grayscale is good right out of the box and is similar in THX, Adobe RGB and Natural modes, with a little too much red and blue in the higher IREs.  It calibrated fairly well (see graph), with Delta E under 3 for the 30-100 IRE range, just increasing to 4.1 at 20 IRE.  The default gamma setting of 0 gave a good average gamma of 2.27, but setting it to 1 dropped the average to 2.17.  These are the only two you’d likely need.  There are extensive gamma adjustments available, but gamma is so consistent, most people won’t need to use them.

The Quick Cal of Dynamic reduces the green that’s apparent in whites, but each decrease in Green Gain causes a significant drop in lumen output and eventually starts looking too red with light grays.

Calibration Charts

Pre- and post-calibration charts for the Epson 3600e, click to enlarge.

Epson LS10000 Pre-Calibration CIE Chart (DC)

Epson LS10000 Pre-Calibration CIE Chart (HDTV)

Epson LS10000 Pre-Calibration CIE Chart (THX)

Epson LS10000 Post-Calibration CMS Chart (THX)

Epson LS10000 Grayscale Chart

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