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Aiptek V10 PLUS Projector - Competitors

Posted on July 19, 2009 by Art Feierman
How does the Aiptek V10 PLUS compare to other "pico" projectors on the market? 7/19/2009 - Art Feierman The Aiptek V10 PLUS is only the second of the pico projectors we have looked at. Pending a more in-depth article (soon) comparing these projectors, I've kept the comparison sections below, rather brief.

Aiptek V10 PLUS vs. Samsung

Stil waiting for a demo of the Samsung.

Aiptek V10 PLUS vs. Optoma Pico PK101

The Optoma's noticeably smaller, but likely not enough that anyone cares. Lighter too, but the real difference is that it's about 30% brighter, with it's 11.3 measured lumens compared to the V10 Plus'es 8.3.

The Optoma however only accepts a composite video source, while the V10 Plus, has an SD card slot, and a built in media player. That means that with the V10 Plus, you can download your images into a memory card, or the internal 4 gigabytes of memory, and leave your portable device (digital camera, laptop, camcorder, etc., at home, which you can't do with the Optoma!

Picture quality - I give the advantage to the Optoma, as the V10 Plus images tend to be darker looking, with less shadow detail. The Optoma also seems to have slightly better black levels. If you store your content in the Aiptek's internal memory, or load it via SD card slot, then you have access to the V10 Plus'es image controls, which will allow you to make the overall picture quality at least comparable to the Optoma.

Both have sound, but the V10 Plus is just a bit more robust and better sounding, as it has 2 .05 watt speakers instead of just one like the Optoma Pico. Dont expect too much from either. Think, at best they are about comparable to an average laptop, when it comes to sound quality.

Ultimately, the big difference between the Optoma and Aiptek, is the extra brightness of the Optoma versus the internal media player and SD card slot of the V10 Plus. And of course, the Optoma is smaller (cuter?)

Both projectors get about the same "almost" 1 hour life per battery charge. (That will, of course shorten as the battery gets older.

The Optoma is less expensive, at $299 compared to the Aiptek's $349.

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