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CEDIA 2018 - Hisense Expands its Ultra-Premium Laser TV Lineup with the L8E and L10E Series

By Art Feierman
Hisense L8E and L10E Series at CEDIA 2018

Hisense is a rising star in the projector industry, one with a rather interesting lineup. They call their projectors Laser TVs due to their bright, TV-like appearance – that is, no real need to darken the room. Last year at CEDIA 2017, we got to see a demo of one of their ultra short throw projectors, which was nicely bright and extra sharp. Since then, the brand has extended their line and feature set with two new series – its models being shown at CEDIA 2018, right now in San Diego. The projectors start at $3,999.99 and special discounts are being given to those who purchase at CEDIA – inquire at Booth #2401.

These new models offer screen sizes from 88 inches to 120 inches – much larger than the average TV, to provide an immersive experience of your content. Each comes complete with the Texas Instruments 4K UHD DLP Chip, and feature Adaptive Light Control, which adjusts the brightness of the projected image to keep the picture vibrant, no matter what time of day. The new projectors from the L8E and L10E series rivel the smartest of TVs – Amazon Alexa voice activated, and come with built-in apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu, TikiLive, and more.

The L10E Series

Hisense L8E and L10 Series

The L10E Series consists of two laser projectors with an ultra short throw design. These projectors have specific screen configurations, meaning specific sizes of the projected image. The Hisense 100L10E produces an image of 100” diagonal, while the 120L10E produces a 120” image. Both of these projectors feature HDR and attempt the expanded P3/BT.2020 color space – but we won’t know if they, like the new JVCs and Epson, will reach 100% of that until we get one of these in for review.

That these projectors have a laser light engine, combined with the expanded color gamut and HDR, makes them capable of a truly impressive image for TV, sports (all these projectors have CFI), 4K gaming – and, of course, movies.

The 100L10E and 120L10E come with their own sound system and a specially designed, ambient light rejecting screen, further earning the title of 4K Ultra Short Throw Dual Color Laser TV. Alexa Voice Control on the L10E series even goes a step further than the Optoma UHD51A, the first projector to integrate Alexa, in that you can turn the projector on and off, adjust settings, and search for content. Impressive!

The L8E Series

Hisense L8E and L10 Series

The L8E series features the Hisense 88L8E, an ultra short throw laser projector capable of producing an 88” diagonal image, and also accompanied by its own sound system and ALR screen. This is their baseline model, designed to offer their premium technology at a lower cost than the L10E series.

Though many prefer a 100” screen or above, 88” is still quite impressive and allows the projector to be used in smaller spaces. Hisense offers that the 88L8E is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and media rooms in the home, as well as in schools, conference rooms and restaurants. That’s quite versatile! It, too, features Alexa Voice Control and those integrated Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

An Added Extra

Salamander Cabinet
An example of a projector cabinet by Salamander Designs - it is not specifically designed for the Hisense projectors, but rather, gives a good idea of what is possible.

Many people favor the ultra short throw design because of its non-intrusive placement, just inches away from its screen. This allows these types of projectors to be placed on a low table, credenza, or, in the case of these new Hisense projectors – its own, specially designed cabinet by Salamander Designs.

Salamander Designs is a high-end company that creates custom furniture for a variety of needs. Their custom cabinetry for projectors is top-of-the-line, available in different colors and styles to match any décor. However, it’s not just any old cabinet.

These cabinets are specifically designed for the new L10E and L8E series Ultra Short Throw Laser TVs. They have an aluminum support chassis with a recessed projector cavity, designed so that the top of the projector is flush with its surface. It has an active cooling system and vents warm air, keeping the projector cool, and easy access to the projector’s inputs and connectors.

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