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Enter to Win Smart Home Automation or Home Theater Gear to Improve Your Life!

By Nikki Zelinger

Fan of smart gear, or home theaters, and love cool, free stuff? and are partnering to launch their first of many giveaways of some really cool gadgets.  We will have several of these giveaways per year, yet you need to enter only once.  Let’s take a look at the smart home products you can win!

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Winning can be as easy as typing in your email, hitting enter, then waiting to hear if you are one of the winners.

The Products

This first round’s products include three awesome home automation devices from Lightify, August Home, and ilumi. Later this year – more smart lights, video cameras, door locks, and even a projector!

Remember, we have two more drawings planned this year (2018), after this June one.  As long as you haven't canceled your free email subscription, you will automatically be entered in the next two... And notified by email, so make sure we're not ending up in a spam folder.  Any prizes not claimed after two email notifications will instead be awarded via another drawing.

Lightify Flex RGBW Strip Light Kit

Sylvania’s Lightify Flex RGBW Strip Light Kit (sold as Osram in the EU) comes with three 2-foot light strips that you can tune, dim, and change the color of from a very capable app (available for iOS and Android), even control by voice with Alexa. With the full spectrum of color, you can use the strips for backlighting, down lighting, cove lighting, mounting under furniture to create a nice glow – all while you match the color of the lights to your décor, or mood. You can cut the strips to fit your space, and even add up to ten strips total for a length of 20 feet. The Lightify Flex RGBW Strip Light Kit is compatible with Wink, SmartThings, Nest, Iris, Logitech and Amazon Alexa (with a Wink or SmartThings Hub).

August Smart Lock from August Home

The August Smart Lock is a very capable lock that attaches to the existing deadbolt inside your door. This allows you to use your regular key, as well as lock and unlock the door with your phone. You can even set the lock to activate when you approach the door or leave the house – this is an optional setting that you can turn off and on at will. Guests can gain access to your home via issued codes to family and guests. You can even issue keyless entry to your handyman, pet-sitter, and cleaners, setting the access code to expire after they leave.  We know this is a great lock.  This is the actual door lock that Dave reviewed for us, put back in its box, and just waiting for you to win it.

Ilumi Colored Smart Bulb

Ilumi Smart bulbs are a bit different than the competition.  Unlike other bulbs that accept commands from hubs, phone apps, etc., the ilumi smart color bulbs have a computer built in. You tell your ilumi what to do – when to turn on, color, brightness, etc., and it all gets stored inside the smart bulb, making the ilumi the smartest bulb around. These bulbs will maintain schedules, etc., even if your Wi-Fi goes down, or you are traveling. You do have to be within Bluetooth range, however, to set them up, and program in your settings. Easy!

How to Enter, How to Win!

Entering to win is as easy as entering your email address! Simply go to or and subscribe to be entered. There will be 3-4 product giveaways per year, and as long as you remain subscribed, you are entered to win for each drawing.

Be advised, our plan is to notify the winners via email, so if you unsubscribe, you become ineligible. And we’re not going to bury you in emails. There will be no more than 12 email blasts per year when you subscribe to the mailing list to enter. Just be sure to check each email, to see if you are a winner. If you don’t email us back to claim your prize, then after two weeks we’ll draw another name. You will still be eligible for the next one.

This first drawing is June 27, 2018, so make sure to subscribe before then! Welcome to the twin worlds of Home Automation and Home Theater Advice, Reviews, and Trends, from the enthusiasts at and

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