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Home Theater Projectors - Top rated and Popular Projectors, Reviewed (2006)

By Art Feierman
Those projectors that have won Hot Product Awards are followed by (Hot). All projectors are widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio, HDTV compatible, unless otherwise indicated. In each grouping the reviews are listed most recent, to oldest, except that discontinued projectors are listed last in their catagories. In some cases, I have listed some interesting or popular projectors not yet reviewed, but ones that I hope to review in the next few months. Price catagories reflect typical online selling prices. Expect higher prices in "local" dealers that offer installation.

Under $1500 Home Theater Projectors

Under $2500 Home Theater Projectors

Under $5000 Home Theater Projectors

  • Optoma HD7100 DLP Projector (Hot) The most affordable Darkchip 3 projector yet.
  • Optoma H78DC3 DLP Projector (Hot) being replaced by the HD7100 above
  • Sanyo PLV-80 LCD projector - 3000 lumens - a commercial widescreen projector, very practical in the home for rooms that can't be fully darkened, or where you want lights on (football games?) Borderline $5000 selling price
  • InFocus ScreenPlay 7205 DLP Projector (Not reviewed, but an industry best seller). Note, please, it uses the Darkchip2 DLP chip, which can also be found on many projectors in the under $2500 catagory.
  • Optoma H79 DLP Projector (tentatively Hot) This projector, despite higher claimed lumen and contrast ratings is believed to be virtually identical to the H78DC3.
  • Epson Pro Cinema 800 LCD Projector (Hot)
  • Sanyo PLV-70 LCD Projector (Being replaced by PLV-80 Projector)

Under $10,000 Home Theater Projectors

  • BenQ PE8720 DLP Projector (Hot)
  • InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 DLP Projector

Under $10,000 Home Theater Projectors

Under $15,000 Home Theater Projectors

  • Marantz VP-12S4 DLP single Darkchip3 DLP projector (Hot) (very hot - editor)
  • InFocus Screenplay 777 3 chip DLP projector
  • Sony VW100 SXRD (LCOS) 3 chip 1080p resolution projector (awaiting date for review)
  • SIM2 C3X Lite 3 Darkchip3 DLP projector - lower power, (1500 lumens) lower cost version of reviewed SIm2 C3X. Click to read the C3X review

Over $15,000 Home Theater Projectors

  • JVC HD2K D-ILA (LCOS) Projector
  • Sim2 C3X 3 chip (Darkchip3) DLP Projector (Hot) This 3 chip DLP is the best we've tested yet.
  • InFocus Big Play SP777 (Darkchip3) DLP Projector (Hot), aOver $15,000 Home Theater Projectorsnother great 3 chip DLP. Close competition for the SIM2, for less money.

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