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Epson Pro Cinema 800 Home Theater Projector

Epson Pro Cinema 800 Home Theater Projector - Overview

I was excited about getting an Epson Pro Cinema 800 home theater projector (Epson didn’t have a “sample” unit available, but I was able to borrow one from a local dealer’s first shipment), almost immediately after completing the projector review of the impressive (and Hot Product Award Winning), affordable Epson Cinema 550. I found the Cinema 550 projector to be an excellent value, and expected the Pro Cinema 800, to make for another interesting review.

I wasn’t dissapointed, and will start by saying thatthe Epson Pro Cinema 800 easily earned it’s Hot Product Award, being the best LCD home theater projector I have yet tested. If you value my projector advice, and this Epson projector is in your budget range, you will have it on your short list.

In fact, it’s real competition is not other LCD projectors, despite the fact that some have similar specs (notably contrast). The competition is from the lower cost DLP projectors that use the latest, Darkchip3 DLP processor. Optoma’s H78DC3 and H79 as well as the significantly more expensive InFocus Screenplay 7210 and BenQ 8720, are the real competition.

Enough said, let’s get started on the Epson Pro Cinema 800 projector review.