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Epson Pro Cinema 800 Projector – Summary

No question about it, the Epson Pro Cinema 800 earns a Hot Product Award – It’s bright, has excellent color accuracy, very good shadow detail, and comes with the best warranty around.

In addition, while it is a cut above less expensive LCD home theater projectors, it also is a real alternative to the Darkchip3 DLP projectors near its price. While it can’t match them at their strengths – black levels and less visible pixels, for many its other attributes (I’m talking strengths, will more than offset the DLP projectors advantages.

The Vivid preset mode, produces very respectable color balance, with all the stops pulled out to light up your screen when you need maximum brightness. And no other home theater projector I’ve tested to date can match that brightness, and even at their best, none have as good a color handling in their brightest modes.

The list of reasons why I really like this projector is long, so I’ll go right into the Pros and Cons, and add some additional comments to the bottom of this page.