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Epson Pro Cinema 800 Projector – Warranty

This is easy. The Epson Pro Cinema 800 home theater projector comes with the best warranty I am aware of – of any under $10,000 HT projector and maybe the best warranty of any home theater projector.

Epson provides a 3 year parts and labor warranty. In addition, it comes with Epson’s 3 year overnight replacement program. Should your projector fail, a quick call to Epson (business days only) and Epson will ship out a replacement unit (from their loaner fleet – mostly refurbished projectors). They will overnight the projector to you, so you are back up and running the next business day. (If I recall correctly for them to get it out the same day you call, you have to call before 3pm pacific time.

To take advantage of the replacement program, you will need a credit card – Epson will want that to insure you return your broken projector. (That is typical of virtually every replacement and loaner program out there.)

Last comment, I have always been impressed with Epson’s support and customer service, certainly as good as any, in this segment of the market.