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Meet NEC - Manufacturer Monday

By Nikki Zelinger
Meet NEC, a major player in the projector game. A leading provider of business and education projectors, NEC’s technological solutions do not stop there. The company is a manufacturer of commercial-quality LCD displays for digital signage and similar applications. NEC prides itself on having the accessibility and personal touch of a small business with a global reach, providing their customers with an all-around positive and professional experience. We’ve reviewed a number of NEC projector models over the years, the most recent being the NEC NP-ME331W. This portable install projector is one of eight siblings, each with either XGA or WXGA resolution. The ME331W is a WXGA projector with an impressive feature set and high performance – so much so that it won two awards in our annual 2017-2018 Classroom Projector Report, published May of 2017. Those awards are for Best in Classroom: Best Value and the Hot Product Award, our highest honor. NEC offers a wide range of projectors for business and education applications. Their projectors often impress us with their great color handling, good picture quality, and extensive input and connector panels – as is the case with the NEC NP-ME331W. If you want to compare the projectors in NEC’s ME Series, we have a comprehensive spec chart contained within our Classroom Projector Report that details extensive specifications from the entire line, as well as the other fourteen projectors we reviewed for the report and their families. We have created a free, downloadable PDF of that chart: 2017-2018 Classroom Projector Report Series Comparison Chart. You can also read our full, in-depth review of the NEC NP-ME331W to get more detailed information about the projector, written by Ron Jones, our senior reviewer of business and education projectors. In addition, we have created two videos - a short overview and a longer summary - of this portable projector.

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