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By Art Feierman
This page describes the current, exclusive deals that are available to our paid subscribers. There are also links to more detailed subscriber-only pages explaining the fine print, such as how to claim a rebate or the unique code you will need for these promotions (visible to logged-in subscribers only).

About These Promotions

When we launched our new website in November 2013, we wanted a way to reward our most loyal readers. (OK, and also to provide an extra reason for subscribing, of course.)  For $9.99/year, our paid subscribers have access to exclusive bonus content unavailable to the general public, including advanced calibration information (learn about that here), extra full-length Projector Reviews TV video summaries, and additional FAQ/informational articles as they become available.

But that's not all! We also want to make sure that, in addition to learning about these products with new in-depth information, we also want you to have access to these products for a better than usual price. As such, we partnered with a several of industry players to make your projector shopping experience a touch more enjoyable, by virtue of these rebates or  discounts.  We expect to provide different offers from various projector, screen, and accessory manufacturers and dealers throughout the year.

Current Deal #1: Epson America

Epson America has a special offer for subscribers who purchase an Epson Home or Pro Cinema projector for $799 or more from a US dealer (such as the Epson Home Cinema 5030UB, right). Those subscribers will receive a $25 rebate through your host, You'll receive your rebate payment via PayPal.

There are a limited number of rebates available. We will advise when we believe there is less than a two week supply left of a rebate or promotion. Subscribers, click here for the fine print, and how to register for a rebate.

SUMMARY: $25 rebate for those who buy Epson Home/Pro Cinema projectors through a US dealer.

NOTE: US only.

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Current Deal #2: BenQ America

BenQ America has a special offer for subscribers purchasing a business, education, pico or home projector from the US BenQ store, such as the popular BenQ W1070, or their new (as of 2/2014) W7500,  Those subscribers will receive a 10% discount thanks to your favorite review site:  This offer is not available through dealers.  Subscribers will have access to a unique code (click here).

SUMMARY: 10% on discount on projector purchases directly from BenQ America's online store.   

NOTE: US only.

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Current Deal #3: Projector People

Projector People, a large industry dealer carrying 15 projector brands (plus screens and accessories), is offering a $25 rebate when you buy a $999 or more expensive projector plus at least $100 of accessories (including screens) at the same time. You'll receive your rebate payment via PayPal, or other options.  Subscribers, click here.

SUMMARY: $25 rebate when you buy a $999+ projector and $100 of accessories from

NOTE: US only.

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Current Deal #4: Visual Apex Screens

Visual Apex, a projector screen manufacturer, is offering 10% off any one of their Fixed Frame, Electric or Tensioned screens. In every case, this means at least $30 off, but up to $89 off--a great value! Check out their screens here.  There's a unique Projector Reviews code, that will be available on our subscriber only page here.

SUMMARY: 10% off (minimum $30 off) any fixed frame, electric or tensioned screen purchase from Visual Apex.

NOTE: US only.

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