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Projector People Rebate Program

By Art Feierman

About this Promotion

For Subscribers Only, Sponsored by Projector People.

Purchase any $999+ projector and $100 of accessories (including screens) from, and receive a $25 rebate from Projector Reviews.

Rebate Payment Methods

Rebate is redeemable via PayPal.  If you do not have/wish to use PayPal, a check can be requested. iTunes gift card payment may be added as an option at a later time.

How to Redeem this Rebate

In order to redeem your $25 rebate, send a (legible) photo or scan of your purchase invoice to, along with your user ID.

Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive rebate. (This delay allows time for product return policies to end, as returning the projector to the dealer/manufacturer for exchange or refund voids the rebate.)


A. Available only in the U.S.

B. Only one rebate per household/subscriber.

C. If rebate is to be mailed via check (as opposed to sent through PayPal), the address must be the same as shipping address on the invoice.

D. Rebate not available on product purchased more than  7 days before Subscription begins.

E. One screen per subscription. Ship to a matching address.

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