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Your 2018 Holiday Guide to Four Great Home Theater Projectors Over $2000 - Part 3

By Nikki Zelinger


This new LG projector is probably the coolest new home theater/home entertainment projector launched this year.  We reviewed it, we really liked it – hey, we gave it two awards, in addition to earning our Hot Product award, we also gave it a special award for most innovative projector of 2018!  Now that is cool!

Ice cool!  This LG projector has virtually every smart feature you find on their premium 4K OLED TV’s, and all for far less money and projecting a far larger image, of course!

This $2999 projector – briefly available from LG for $500 off – just $2499, though the end of Cyber-Week, is now an especially good value.  More info below on where to order from LG.

An added bonus:

Best I can tell, there’s no more “millennial cord cutter” friendly projector on the market! -art

This LG isn’t perfect for everyone, what it is, is a great home entertainment projector. It’s less a projector designed for a dedicated home theater, rather its for almost anywhere indoors.  That’s ok, that’s where the growth is in the home projector market.  Use this LG in your living room, den, spare bedroom, take it out back (best sound system I’ve heard built into a projector!) for movie nights – or maybe a sports night – enjoy almost anywhere!

You get a pretty bright laser light engine, with 2500 lumens claimed and 20,000 hour laser life.  It can be set up many different ways, so it can project almost anywhere.  Walls, ceilings, floors, and of course, on a proper screen, to further enhance the picture quality.

That’s enough for here because we have more info on our site’s advertorial on the LG, Go there and you’ll find a direct link to LG’s website where you can order to save that $500.  Remember, their promo ends Dec 1st, 2018!   Chill!

ALR – Ambient Light Rejecting Screens – The Solution to enjoying the projector experience in almost any room!

Remember just a few years ago:  “600 channels and nothing to watch?”  Boy has that changed, thanks to Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others.  Now there’s so much high quality content it’s hard to choose.  Why not experience it to the max, with a great projector and screen combination.  Dazzle yourself.  You are worth it!

Until recently projectors were trapped in dedicated very, very dark home theaters, and the proverbial “man cave.”  No more!   That’s in part thanks to these new ALR type screens.

Every year ALR screens become more popular as more people are using projectors outside the traditional home theater.  Living rooms, dens, family rooms, spare bedrooms all become potential media rooms capable of having “the big screen” by which I mean, around 100” diagonal to 120” – 130” or more.   HUGE!

These ALR screens essentially absorb light coming from the sides, directly overhead, or from directly below, basically only reflecting light to your eyes from a source that’s straight out.  That is, it ignores almost all light that’s not from a mounted or table top projector.  (To be clear, if you have a bright window right behind your projector, an ALR can’t help with that, but if it’s on the side wall, bingo!)

It’s ambient light coming from just about everywhere but straight back, that these screens can pretty much prevent from diluting the image.  In the past few years many screen manufacturers have added ALR screens to their line-up, although no one is better known for pioneering them to consumers than Screen Innovations.

Personally, I bought a motorized SI Slate screen in my bright living room (and use a second, rigid ALR specifically designed for working with Ultra Short hrow projectors, in my “testing room.” (I’ve been using that one, (an SI Black Diamond UST) as I write this, as I’m reviewing the HiSense laser projector which is an ultra short throw, 4K UHD, and comes with the same type of screen).  Elite (Cine-Grey 3D), Da-Lite and other manufacturers also offer ALR screens, but SI was the first to motorize them (tricky) and now the first to motorize one for UST projectors.

ALR type screens definitely start well under $1000, but the more expensive brands, when motorized can cost several thousands of dollars.   Still, there are plenty of options for you to choose from!  Pair one with any projector – a higher end one like the Sony VW295ES in his guide, or perhaps the affordable and very bright Viewsonic PX747-4K we feature in our other guide, where you can have a 4K capable projector and a 100” screen in your living room for under $2K!   Now that’s pretty awesome.

The bottom line – ALR screens tend to be a bit more expensive, but they open up a new world of viewing opportunities, where you can fully enjoy being immersed in movies and other great content – super-sized!

“Wrapping It Up”

That’s a wrap for our 2018 Holiday Guide to Four Great Home Theater Projectors Over $2000! With four excellent choices, ranging from the affordable to high-end, you’re sure to find the right fit for your home theater this holiday season!

Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of home theater! Nothing says “I love you” more than excellent black levels…

If you found these projectors to be a bit above your budget, or are, simply, a curious person, check out our 2018 Holiday Guide to Six Home Theater Projectors Under $2000. This guide features six projectors that can handle rooms with less than ideal conditions, ranging from the low price of $399 to $1,999 for a 4K capable projector!

Happy Holidays from Projector Reviews!

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