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Ask Proxima E1655U Projector Review - Performance

Posted on April 23, 2014 by 
ASK PROXIMA E1655 REVIEW - PERFORMANCE:  Brightness, Audible Noise, Wired Networking


The E1655U is rated at 5000 lumens.  While the output may vary depending on the lens used, we easily achieved that level at full wide zoom with the standard lens.  In Dynamic mode (the brightest), I measured 4863 lumens at mid-zoom range.  At full wide zoom, this increased to 5181 lumens and at full telephoto zoom, it was still at 4425.  For a projector to nail its lumen rating like this is unusual in our experience, so kudos to Ask Proxima for doing so.  I also measured the output with different lens shift settings, but there was little effect.  With this kind of horsepower, the E1655U shouldn’t have a problem displaying a viewable image in almost any venue under less than perfect lighting conditions.


Normal mode was equal to Dynamic, matching its 4863 lumens.  Using Cinema mode (which also provided the best color), the output dropped significantly to 3617 lumens.  Other modes were as follows: Blackboard (Green) which provide 4235 lumens, User, which was equal to Normal at 4863 lumens and Colorboard, which allows for different colored surfaces such as Red at 4013 lumens, Blue at 4177 lumens, Yellow at 4110 lumens and Green at 4023 lumens.

Dropping the lamp into Low brightness mode resulted in a 24% drop in lumen output.  With Dynamic mode, this still gives you 3675 lumens which should be sufficient for most uses.

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Ask Proxima does not provide noise ratings for the E1655U.  However, it runs fairly quietly for a projector of this type in high brightness mode.  In any event, its noise level is not likely to be an issue in almost any presenting environment you’d find the E1655U, and certainly not when presenting in the larger rooms that the E1655U's 5000 lumens allows.  If a quieter environment is desired, dropping the E1655U into Eco lamp mode reduces the noise level to a very quiet level.  If the aforementioned 24% drop in lumen output is acceptable, the E1655U would easily be quiet enough in Eco mode even in small venues.  Basically, for a projector this bright that is intended to be permanently installed away from viewers, the noise level is not an issue.

The E1655U has a token built-in 7-watt speaker, which is enough to overcome the fan noise, but is not suitable for the larger scale venues where the E1655U is likely to be found.

Wired Networking

The E1655U, with a wired network connection, offers the standard control and notification options.  You get the usual remote monitoring (including email notification) and admin features, as well as control features pretty much equal to those from the remote control.  The ability to control multiple, networked E1655Us is also available.  Control is the typical web browser-based type.  There is no provision for wireless network control or compatibility with other network control software such as Crestron or AMX.

It should be noted that many of the large scale venues that the E1655U is likely to inhabit would not require network presentation.  This includes Houses of Worship and entertainment-based venues like restaurants, sports bars, museums etc.  For such venues, the E1655U's high brightness and color definition with video sources would be much more important to the decision- maker.

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