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BenQ HC1200 Projector Review - Setup and Menus

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Art Feierman
BenQ HC1200 Projector Review: SETUP AND MENUS - Projector Setup, Menus

BenQ HC1200 - Projector Setup

The HC1200 fires up and displays an image fairly quickly.  Having a 1.5X zoom (instead of the usual 1.2X zoom) is a godsend to those with limited room to move the projector toward or away from the screen.  As with nearly all projectors of this type and price range, having the projector at the right height to start is critical as its height adjustment abilities are minimal.  For our table-mounted setup, a little leveling with the adjustable feet resulted in not having to use any keystone adjustment, which can have a noticeable effect on the readability of the projected image if used to extremes.  The HC1200 can also be ceiling mounted quite easily and be completely out of the way for any presentation.

BenQ HC1200 Menus

The next step is for the presenter to select the desired picture mode (Dynamic, Presentation, sRGB and Cinema) from the on-screen menu.  The other option is to create a custom mode by using the many adjustment possibilities in one of the User modes.  Selecting one of the two User modes, you can start with any of the standard picture modes and make the usual adjustments (contrast, brightness, color and tint) to the picture.  In addition to the standard adjustments, there are also full RGB grayscale adjustments available and a full CMS (color management system) for individual adjustment of each of the projector’s primary (red, green and blue) and secondary (cyan, magenta and yellow) colors.  Proper use of either of these controls requires professional calibration equipment, but it can be a useful tool for even the casual user to improve color balance, especially in the brighter modes.

When the presentation is over, the BenQ's instant shutdown feature allows the presenter to disconnect and remove the projector without having to wait for any cooling fans to stop running.  Also, if the projector is accidently turned off before the presentation has been completed, its Instant Restart feature allows you to turn it back on (within 90 seconds of turn off) without having to wait for the lamp to cool.

Picture Menu
Color Temp Fine Tuning Menu
Color Management Menu

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