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BenQ HC1200 Projector Review

Spectacular color fidelity and plenty of flexibility make the BenQ HC1200 projector a winner.  This DLP projector offers a very competent feature set, and is priced competitively.

Overview of the BenQ HC1200 Projector

Many multimedia projectors on the market chase after maximum lumen output, usually at the expense of color accuracy.  The BenQ HC1200 eschews that position, providing exceptional color in its sRGB mode, while still maintaining more than adequate brightness.

Borrowing heavily from BenQ’s HT1075 home theater projector, the HC1200 has full HD resolution (1920 X 1080), a six-segment (RGBRGB) color wheel, high ANSI contrast and a 1.5X zoom (instead of the usual 1.2X zoom) lens.  It also features BenQ’s energy saving SmartEco™ feature that allows for reduced power consumption in darker scenes, as well as Eco Blank that drops the lamp to 30% power if no source is detected for 3 minutes.

But the real star of the show is the HC1200’s sRGB mode.  This mode provides exceptional color accuracy while putting out over 2000 lumens. For the graphic artist, clothes designer, school art department or anyone that needs a color accurate presentation for a large group of people, the HC1200 will give you a big screen experience that is easily equal to your sRGB desktop monitor.

The HC1200 also has a full array of connection options, including network control capability.  It’s relatively small size and light weight also make it quite portable and to that end, BenQ has included a carry bay with the HC1200.

This projector review is included in our 2015-2016 Best Classroom Projectors Report, which is sponsored by Epson America.


  • Very good brightness – 2800 lumens
  • sRGB mode provides exceptional color accuracy
  • 3D capable
  • Wired networking control capability
  • SmartEco™ mode reduces power consumption
  • Two HDMI inputs
  • Remote includes laser pointer
  • No color fade over the lifetime of the projector

Warranty and Support

BenQ offers their usual excellent warranty coverage for the HC1200, with 3 years parts and labor on the projector.  Of particular note is the lamp, which is covered by a one year or 2000 hours (whichever comes first) warranty.  With some manufacturers only warranting the lamp for 90 days, this is a potentially money-saving feature.  When it comes to service, BenQ does not have an express service or temporary replacement plan.  The customer obtains warranty service by calling a toll free number and speaking to a technical support person.  If the support person is unable to resolve the problem over the phone, a return authorization will be issued for return and repair of the projector.  It should be noted that some of BenQ’s competitors offer more comprehensive service plans with speedier promised service.