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BenQ LU9750 PRO WUXGA 8,500 Lumen Large Venue Laser DLP Projector Review - Hardware

Posted on August 31, 2022 by Philip Boyle


The BenQ LU9750 looks almost identical to the previous model, the LU9715 that it is replacing. It measures (WxHxD) 19.68 x 8.30 x 23.12 (500 mm x 211 mm x 587.3 mm) and weighs 58.2 pounds (26.4 kg). Interestingly, the new LU9750 is 3 lbs lighter than its predecessor.

The LU9750 is matte black. The interchangeable lens mount is located in the front and center of the chassis and is surrounded by a metallic blue ring.

The projector's cooling systems air intake is on the front panel's left side, and the exhaust is on the projector's rear. On top and slightly visible from the front of the projector are function indicator lights. 

The projector's Control Panel and the inputs and connectors are on the left side of the unit when looking at the front. Most users will likely use the included remote control or automation system for setup and operation.

PC in (D-sub 15pin) x2
Monitor out (D-sub 15pin) x1
HDMI in x2
LAN (RJ45) x1
HDBaseT (RJ45) x1
3D Sync in x1
3D Sync out x1
USB Type A x1
USB Type B USB Type B-1(service)
RS232 in (DB-9pin) x1
RS232 out (DB-9pin) x1
Wired Remote in (3.5mm Mini Jack) x1
Wired Remote out (3.5mm Mini Jack) x1
DC 12V Trigger (3.5mm Jack) x1
Audio in (3.5mm Mini Jack) x1
Audio out (Stereo RCA L/R) x1


The remote control included with the LU9750 offers wireless infrared control of the projector and a wired connection for use in multi-projector installations where you do not want more than one projector at a time responding to a remote IR command. This wired connection is one of those little details that significantly affects how much time an operator spends adjusting multiple projectors.

The first section is about power, and directly below are controls for focus, zoom, and lens shift.

The second section features the projector's menu navigation controls.

The third section contains the projector's number pad with buttons doubling for various features, including direct access to the projector's source inputs.


BenQ’s menu system is the standard uniform professional menu that they have been using for years.  It is primarily text driven rather than icon oriented.  It is geared for offering adjustment to dozens of controls, making it very efficient.  BenQ’s layout has been very similar to Epson’s for many years, and that’s a good thing.  Both companies have mostly only added features to their menus, over the past decade, rather than redesigning them.

Missing is the icon-heavy, pointer-based smart type of navigation that is common on today’s consumer projectors.  Honestly, I prefer this type of straightforward menu on an installation class projector.  Its controls are focused on “projecting” there’s no audio, no navigating cable or satellite boxes, etc.  The BenQ menus control the BenQ and other BenQ projectors when in a multi-unit setup.

The documentation provided with the LU9750 provides a bit more detail regarding the various menus.  Overall, BenQ’s documentation is very good.

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