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BenQ MP780 ST DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on April 19, 2011 by Art Feierman

BenQ MP780 ST Projector: Bottom Line

The BenQ MP780 ST ticked all the boxes one would list when looking at the necessary features of an interactive short throw projector.  It's bright, quiet and has plenty of power in its built-in sound system.  It has every type of input you could want and can has network control and presentation capability.  It provides a sharp, colorful image with any resolution and the interactive pen adds another level of control and fun to any presentation.  Picture quality and color depth are adequate in the brighter modes and video looks great in Cinema mode.  Noise level in normal lamp mode is significantly lower than other projectors in this class

Last year, the Epson Brightlink 450wi interactive ultra short throw projector won an Outstanding Product award in our annual classroom report.  How does the BenQ stack up?  Compared to the Epson Brightlink 450wi, the BenQ MP780 ST has very similar specs, with an advantage in lighter weight, lower price and double the built-in speaker power.  On the plus side, the BenQ is brighter in Eco lamp mode, has better contrast, full color management and an HDMI input.  On the minus side, colors are not as accurate or saturated as they are in the Epson, the interactive features are more restricted than they are with the Epson and BenQ replacement service is not as quick as Epson's.  It should also be noted that the Epson comes with two pens instead of one.  Epson also has a newer model, the 455Wi, which may change this comparison somewhat.

Small complaints aside, the MP780 ST is a solid performer that is a natural for the classroom.  When used in a permanent installation or on a dedicated cart, the disadvantages of setup go away and only the advantages of a short throw projector remain.  With plenty of brightness, good color, solid interactivity and powerful sound, all at a reasonable price, the BenQ MP780 ST is a great fit for any school's projector budget.

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