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BenQ MP780 ST Projector - Physical Tour2

Posted on April 19, 2011 by Art Feierman

BenQ MP780 ST Remote Control

The BenQ MP780 ST projector remote control.

The MP780 ST’s remote control is nicely designed, black with mostly black buttons that are well laid out.  There are a host of buttons that are appropriately grouped and cover all the important functions without accessing them through the menu.  Instead of the usual source button that scrolls through the inputs, there are individual buttons for each input source.

There are buttons for the usual menu navigation, as well as buttons to control the digital zoom, paging through USB presentations, accessing the network menu, freezing and blanking the displayed image.  Additionally, there are separate volume control buttons for the built-in speakers and the microphone input.  One nice touch is the inclusion of a laser pointer on the remote.

On the MP780 ST remote, the laser pointer button stands out nicely as it is yellow and is well placed near the center of the remote.  As usual, the remote’s buttons are not backlit or even glow-in-the-dark.

Interactive Pen

The BenQ PointDrawTM interactive pen is sleek and lightweight, making it easy for use by children as well as adults.  There is a USB port on the side for charging its non-replacThe BenQ MP780 ST projector interactive pen.eable lithium battery.  A full charge takes only 2.5 hours and is projected to last for 30 to 35 hours of use.

There are indicator lights on the pen for charging the battery (light goes out when fully charged) and to confirm that the pen is linked to the projector (light blinks while connecting and is solid when connected).

Below the indicator light is a button to select the pen drawing color (when used with the QDraw software) or as a right mouse button.  This is followed by another button that acts as a left mouse button.

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