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BenQ MS517 Projector - Image Quality

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

BenQ MS517 Color & Image Quality

Color accuracy with DLP projectors has always been an issue. Although DLP projectors have come a long way, some are still lacking the true color that one might expect. The main difference between DLP and LCD projectors, aside from all the other factors, is color accuracy. It is the most noticeable that is. DLP projectors tend to not present standard colors like yellow, red and blue very accurately. DLP's can often produce a muddy looking yellow, or a yellow that leans more towards orange. The MS517 produces a nice red, but it does not produce the kind of yellow one might expect. It will be obvious to an audience the color is yellow, but it won't be the eye popping yellow that one might be used to seeing on their computer's LCD monitor. White is actually very nice looking. The BenQ MS517 does a great job with just about all the colors except yellow.

BenQ MS517 Color & Image Quality Slideshow

BenQ MS517 Color & Image Quality

800x600 Native Resolution

BenQ MS517 Color & Image Quality

1280x1024 Native Resolution

BenQ MS517 Color & Image Quality

1600x1200 Native Resolution


The BenQ MS517, being a SVGA projector, has a pretty acceptable image considering it is a lower resolution projector. The native resolution of SVGA(800x600) means that you will most likely use this projector as a tool for demonstrating presentation slides with short, concise messages and no fine details or information from dense spreadsheets.The projector does handle higher resolutions, but the sharpness is lost once you pass the native 800x600 pixels. I could not recommend the projector for long term use when projecting anything but 800x600. Video, on the other hand, projects nicely from the projector, and the BenQ MS517 would definitely be a good choice as a training tool for video.

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