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BenQ MS517 Projector - Performance

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

MS517 Projector - Brightness

The BenQ MS517 performed well in the area of brightness. It didn't measure up to the brightness specified by the manufacturer, but it still was plenty bright for large conference rooms, even with the lights on. The projector has a few different modes you can present in. Each one optimizes the image for the given situation. Presentation Mode is the standard default mode. The projector features a Eco Mode which drops the brightness of the lamp, also making the projector quieter. Eco Mode helps extend the life of the lamp. If you can project in Eco Mode and still find you have a bright enough image, it is recommended to use that setting.

Presentation Mode measured in testing to produce 2563 lumens of brightness. Srgb Mode with the brightness set to Normal Mode produced 1392 lumens. Oddly, Cinema Mode was brighter than Srgb Mode and produced 1457 lumens. Brightness typical drops in Cinema Mode because it helps produce a blacker looking black. Dynamic Mode exceeded the manufacturers rating in testing and produced 3194 lumens. Definitely a strong performer in the area of projector brightness. However, presenting in Dynamic Mode really changed color accuracy in a drastic way. The whites started to shift and not be as true as they were in Presentation Mode.

Moving to Eco Mode and putting the projector in Presentation Mode, we got a lumen output of 2088. Eco Mode does drop brightness as mentioned, but extends the life of the lamp. Srgb Mode dropped in brightness to 1097 lumens. Cinema Mode had a little increase in brightness as expected and came in at 1130 lumens. Dynamic Mode dropped as well, but was still a strong performer in terms of brightness. It produced 2661 lumens. Color accuracy was slightly improved when the projector was placed in Dynamic Eco Mode.

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