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BenQ PE7800 - Setup

Posted on September 1, 2004 by Art Feierman

BenQ PE7800 - Setup

The most important thing to note, is that only the BNC inputs support progressive scan component video. The three RCA jacks for component do not. That said, there are plenty of inputs, the ability to save settings, and an solid set of controls although there are some machines offering almost an infinite number of controls. Still this has what you need.

The only real “flaw” is the lack of optical lens shift, which would provide more flexibility in placement when ceiling mounting. This won’t pose a problem for the installation itself, but with lens shift, if you screen starts a few feet down from the ceiling, you could probably use the lens shift to keep the projector mounted flush with the ceiling instead of having to hang down a bit.

Quicktip: I recommend that you use a calibration disk such as AVIA, to fine tune the settings, but with the usual caution: The calibration disk may get you a bit closer to "perfect", but you are the one that has to watch the images. For example, if you have a small amount of ambient light present, you might like a touch more saturation of colors than the calibration disk comes up with. The purpose of the disk is to make getting excellent results easy, it does not guaranty that you will like those settings best. Take your time, and save the settings that appeal to you. In a perfect world, with perfect sources and a perfect projector, the goal is to reproduce the original scene so that it is indistiguishable from the original. Reality however, is that none of the above are perfect, so there are trade offs which are partially subjective. Your projector can't duplicate the original dynamic range of the source, thus you have to choose the "flaws" that best recreate the original.

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