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BenQ SU931 Large Venue Projector Review

Capable of lighting up a conference room or mid-sized auditorium with sharp vibrant images, the BenQ SU931 excels at economy with an enviable price tag despite combining more than 6,000 lumens of brightness with full HD resolution.

BenQ SU931 Large Venue Projector Review

Of BenQ’s extensive array of business-oriented projectors, the SU931 stands out not only as an excellent value but as a flexible business tool that can enhance anything from a video conference to a marketing presentation. While BenQ lists it at $4,500, if you shop around, you’ll see it for $2,900, making it one of the best bargains in business projectors

With over 6,000 lumens at its disposal, the SU931’s DLP imaging chip delivers WUXGA (1,920 by 1,200) resolution. That translates into bright and sharp images with text that is among the most readable in its class as well as excellent focus from corner to corner. On the downside, the SU931’s exhaust is hot at 160-degrees Fahrenheit and its lamp is rated to last for a short 2,000 hours of use. This adds up to estimated annual costs that were on the high side.

It has connections for every popular source except for DisplayPort, and its integrated wired Ethernet networking lets technicians control the SU931 over the Internet. The projector, however, does without built-in or optional WiFi wireless networking.

Overall, it sets a new standard by delivering more lumens per dollar than the competition, but might have cut a few too many corners to get to its enviable price tag.


  • Delivers 6,090 lumens in Bright mode
  • Good grayscale imaging and text readability for presentations
  • Excellent focus uniformity
  • Networking port and ability to control projector over LAN
  • Mechanical vertical lens-shift eases projector installation
  • Remote control laser pointer
  • Wide range 1.6:1 optical zoom lens
  • Surprisingly strong audio and speakers
  • Includes lens cap